Why should we choose Inverter Aircon

Why should we choose Inverter Aircon

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Here is exactly why. No, it’s not about being the cheapest but inverter air conditioners are more efficient than standard AC units. They are made with advanced technology that regulates the speed of the compressor and therefore reduces the power consumption. Standard systems use the full power and speed during the work, while inverter air conditioners reduce the compressor speed as they approach the desired temperature. Because of this, standard air conditioners always consume the same amount of energy, for example, 1kW, while the inverter air conditioner, depending on the outdoor temperature, has consumption between 300W and 1kW.

If you’re choosing between the normal AC and Inverter technology, then our article will be interesting to you.

What is actually an inverter?

It’s advanced technology that regulates the compressor speed, which directly affects the consumption of electricity. Its work is much more economical and these devices are able to work at extremely low temperatures of up to – 15 degrees Celsius.

Compared to a normal air conditioner which speed is fixed, the device with inverter technology initially works at full capacity, and as it approaches the desired temperature, compressor speed decreases.

Changes of the compressor speed allow longer service life of electrical installations as well as significantly better operation at lower temperatures. As a result, reduced power consumption is obtained, as it’s a device with an extremely long lifespan and significantly reduced maintenance and aircon overhaul costs.


Inverter air conditioner allows the cheapest way of heating the home using electricity. It can provide you with absolute conformity and cheap heating significantly reduced power consumption as well as ease of use. The savings of power consumption here is important as through this, you can actually “invest” this power savings on other electronic product contributing to even better air quality such as air humidifier if you own one.


After you let aircon technician install the Inverter unit, all you need is a remote control in your hands. The inverter air conditioner is extremely easy to use and different settings allow you an exceptional comfort.

Inverter vs. non-inverter

With inverter technology that uses the principles of a heat pump, you can get the largest amount of heat energy with minimal energy consumption. From some manufacturers, you can hear that it’s about a ratio that’s between 3 and 4. Because of this, it’s advisable to choose the best quality inverter air conditioner in order to get 3 to 4 times more heat. In this case, 12000 BTU air conditioner is perfect for a space of about 35-60 square meters. An ordinary AC unit uses a lot more power and the amount of heat that generates is completely identical. Another disadvantage of ordinary AC unit compared to the inverter is a significant decrease in efficiency at low temperatures. At temperatures of -5 degrees Celsius, it’s completely uneconomical to use common air conditioners, and there is a question if they’ll even work at these significantly lower temperatures.

Energy saving

The use of the inverter air conditioners and the growing demand for them speaks in favor of the facts that they offer even more than conventional AC units, saving on electricity at the same time. For example, inverter consumes 1.2 kW when it’s on, but as it reaches the desired temperature, the consumption decreases to 0.8 kW – which is a good saving.

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