Month: March 2019

What can you do when your aircon is not blowing cold air

We are sure that you have come across such situation. Your aircon still “works” but just that it’s no longer cold. Question is what can you possible do? Before you jump straight into contacting your aircon servicing company, here are some tips for you:   Temperature You may first what to check on the temperature…
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March 25, 2019 0

Weather changes in Singapore

According to the report from NEA, the recent months (Jan-Feb) long dry spell is the worst since 5 decades ago, imagine that.  Lucky for the first 2 weeks of March, we have seen some good rain pouring across the island. However, do expect the dry season to kick in again as according the NEA last…
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March 15, 2019 0

How to Install your own Air Conditioner

So, you decided to install your own air conditioning system. This is a big task, and you need to plan it carefully to anticipate any potential problems. The location of the unit is a fundamental choice that will affect the whole job, so you should consider the various alternatives carefully to give yourself the easiest…
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March 3, 2019 0