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Should you advertise on websites with high traffic or targeted traffic?

We’ll explain this to you very clearly including using an analogy. Most advertisers think advertising their product or service on websites with high traffic would give them better returns on investment, however that is far from the truth. Check out the clear difference below.


Case A (Quantity):

Websites with over 100,000 views each month but non-targeted

Website owner publish a content on say topic A, totally not related to the product or service you are offering. That published content was shared over social media and it went viral. As such, that page itself (which is not related to your product or service), has garnered over 10,000 views. If there are 10 of such pages, that website would have garnered over 100,000 views (10 website pages x 10,000 views). Assuming the product you plan to advertise is a vacuum cleaner, the product will be advertised on those 10 pages which is totally not related to your product or service. Outcome is, yes your product may get over 100,000 views, however how many of them are actually really looking for or interested in your product? 


Case B (Quality):

Websites with much lesser views each month but highly targeted

As everyone already know, Google is the No.1 search engine used in the world. Most customers searching for a product or service will search for it on Google first. Based on stats, hardly will anyone go past page 1 of Google search results, which we believe is the same case for you when you’re searching for something on Google. As such, if your product or service is appearing on the first page, then it’s very likely that customer will be able to find your product. This targeted approach is very powerful as customers searching for the product or service is already having the buy-intent, as such the conversion rate is much higher. In fact, ranking organically on Google page 1 (ie. not through paid Ads) increases the conversion rate even further as customer trust organic rankings more than Ads.


A clear analogy to make you understand better…

To give you an analogy, let’s use the same product as above – a vacuum cleaner

10,000 people walk into a mall and there’s a vacuum cleaner advertisement right in front of the mall entrance. Now compare it with, just 10 people already looking to buy a vacuum cleaner walking into a shop selling one. Which do you think has a higher conversion rate?

Now if you were the advertiser selling that vacuum cleaner, would you want your product in front of those 10,000 people walking into the mall or that 10 people already looking to buy the vacuum cleaner? At SGTUB, when advertising with us, you’ll get the latter!

Advertise with us only if your product or service within our site is found on page 1 of Google (organic result) for several popular keywords.



There are basically 2 ways to advertise with us.


1) Advertising on our product or service page

While most websites are charging over 3 to 4 figures amount on the advertising fees, ours we keep it at a very affordable monthly rate. This is to protect our customers as well as should our search result for your product or service drop in ranking, you may cease the advertising with us at anytime. No contract, no commitment.



2) Sponsored Post


Our Content

At SGTUB, we feature the best of almost everything in Singapore. To ensure our content remain valuable and helpful to our audience whom we have built trust with, the products and services posted on our site are selective where it has to be assessed or scouted based on certain criteria before we qualify and deemed it to be among the best in Singapore. 


Our Audience

Our audience are mainly targeted audience where our post are either found organically through search engines or through a “featured on” section from other websites, as such you can expect a very highly regarded brand awareness or even conversion. This is especially when the product or service is being voted as among the best in Singapore. 


Assessment criteria

If you are looking for sponsored content or inclusion to be voted as among the best, it basically needs to meet with some assessment criteria. Whilst the complete assessment criteria is comprehensive, one of the key criteria would be other users genuine reviews and feedback of your product or service. No assessment is required for pure advertising.


Sponsored, yet the Best

We do accept sponsored content but at the same time we have to ensure the product or service deserved to be mentioned as among the best in Singapore. This way, it’s a win-win situation for both the advertisers and our audience, where we ensure the paid content of the product or service is truly among the best in Singapore. After having your product or service published on our website, be sure to proudly boast and increase your business reputation by mentioning on your website that you are featured on SGTUB.


Listings and ranking

Most of our listings are not ranked in any order. For those where the advertisers has explicitly requested to be listed on higher position, kindly note that the position may change in future should there be another advertiser who outbid the current. 



The final cost of the sponsored content varies as it’s based on several factors, upon customizing the best package, deriving from the advertiser budget. To name a few, it would include factors such as the image quality, size, number of words, write up quality, dedicated or shared content page, position bidding, duration of the sponsored post and many more. 



Depending on the type of sponsored post, the process to have it published may take anywhere from 3 days up to 2 weeks. 



We do not accept and shall not write up any false claim of the product or service. We strive to ensure the write up accurately match what the product or service can deliver. 


Content Changes

For sponsored post, we offer up to 3 changes per year for free. If there’s any changes to your product or service information, feel free to let us know. 


Get started

To kick start the sponsorship content campaign, please provide us with your product/service, marketing goals and budget for the advertising or sponsored post with SGTUB. We’ll get back to you on the best package, customized just for you within budget to make your investment totally worth it. That’s our promise. 


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