Tips on how to clean a fan

Tips on how to clean a fan

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The fan is one of the most affordable electronic devices for cooling the room. But, how do you know when your fan is buzzing? The sound may be quite annoying and it doesn’t want to turn around. Take a look here for tips and how to fix a mounted fan.

Unlike aircon, we may call the technician down for aircon servicing. However, with a fan, we might just be able to do it ourselves. However, note that for ceiling fan, it’s just slightly different.

You can do it independently at home without the help of a service provider.

It’s easy and most important that you want to do it diligently and tenaciously.

On the other hand you can save your monthly expenses.


How Can a Wind Fan Be Humming?

There are two possible causes.

First, the fan is totally worn out.

So you have to replace it with a new one.

You should change the front and back.

Secondly, the possibility of a fan motor with a stator (plate) is out of center because the front and rear motor housing is tight. So the motor mounts to the stator.

The solution is not just replacing the bearing, but replaces a set of casing (motor housing with bearing) front and rear.


How To Repair An Interrupted Drone Fan

One of the most common problems with a fan is that the fan is stuck thus it is unable to rotate at all and it comes with a buzzing sound.

This problem is enough to make your ears go bleed right?

At times, you may need to replace it with a new bearing.

Learn more about the steps below:

  1. Unlock the Wind Fan Frame

Unplug the outside of the propeller fan.

Carefully remove the bolts that lock your fan dynamo frame.

To prevent any unplugged cable.

  1. Take a look at the Dynamo Cover

To fix the next fan, remove the dynamo motor cover, then open the bolt and remove the stator (plate with spool) and the motor.

Do it carefully, do not make the roll disconnect as it can be fatal.

Your fan might not work.

  1. Find the Wind Bearing / Bearing

Check the dynamo motor, whether it has occurred in bearing / bushing.

Do this by looking at the eye or by inserting the motor into the bearing and shaking it right and left. If it’s loose, it could mean the bearing is worn out.

Remove the bearing and replace it with a new one.

Then reinstall the bearing to the dynamo motor.

  1. Clean the Dirt

Once the bearing is in place,  give the fan a brief dry wipe.

Do this to prevent dust from getting stuck in the engine or propeller.

  1. Install the Wind Fan

First give grease / oil / paste.

Then reinstall all existing templates and components.

Then test your fan.

Once all the parts are installed correctly, turn on the fan.


More Tips on Treating the Fan

  1. Clean the fan

Equipment or items that are often cleaned will be durable, too!

Moreover the fan tends to get dirty on the throttle / propeller.

Clean the fan once every 2 weeks or if you do not have much free time you should clean it once a month.

  1. Avoid Crude Use

Do not act rigidly by turning the fan head slightly, this may result in the fan not being able to move the jammed alias.

  1. Don’t Use the Fan Every Time, Take a Pause

The buzzing fan may be a factor other than the bearing that needs to be replaced is the engine is too hot.

So give yourself a break for your fan to rest.

You can turn off the fan for 10 minutes and then use it again.


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