Types of Air Conditioning widely used

Types of Air Conditioning widely used

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In general, there are 5 types of air conditioning used widely in residential, office and commercial buildings.

Here are the 5 types of air conditioning:


Wall Mounted

Compact and compact, it is ideal for small bedrooms such as bedrooms and a limited living room.

Advantages: • Modern design with a variety of options. • Has additional features. • Easy to install. • Readily available.

Disadvantages: • Not suitable for heavy-duty use.


Cassette Ceiling

Ideal for small rooms like bedrooms OR larger rooms like offices, restaurants and meeting rooms

Advantages: • Suitable for installing both small and large rooms. • Good ventilation with 4-dimensional flow.

Disadvantages: • Require ceiling plaster or sufficient space for ceiling cassette unit.


Floor Standing

Provides strong winds, ideal for high traffic areas such as shops, restaurants and more.

Advantages: • Easy to install and you don’t have to worry about installation as it can be laid on the floor. • Quick cooling due to its large fan produces stronger winds.

Disadvantage: • Limited use of space.


Concealed Ceiling

Air conditioners hidden on or in the ceiling, ideal for rooms without disturbing the interior.

Advantage: • The space looks neat and clean with no air conditioning unit.

Disadvantage: • Hard to install because they are hidden in the ceiling. • Difficult to do maintenance work.


Portable Air conditioner

Can be placed anywhere. Just install the plug and you can continue to use it!

Advantage: • Compact. • No installation required. • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Disadvantage: • Can only be used in small to medium sized spaces. • Not very efficient when used outside the building. • Sound greater than Wall Mounted because compressor is in air conditioning unit. • Need to heat the released air.


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