The top 5 economical ways to engage aircon company

The top 5 economical ways to engage aircon company

June 6, 2019 tips 0


We wrote this to ensure you are fully aware of the possible options that could be made available for you. Below we have listed the top 5 ways for you to get the most economical price.


1.      Words of mouth & personal recommendation

Most people overlook this. Try checking with your friends or relatives if they have any aircon servicing company to recommend. They may have experienced some who has provided them very good rates but yet with quality service. In fact, you may get even much cheaper than what they got due to the recommendation. Here we are referring to personal recommendations, i.e. people whom you really know in person. We are NOT referring to those recommendations through online reviews or forums as for those you may never know which is made up.


2.      Service Your Own Aircon

Yes, yet again most people overlook this area. Sometimes, the aircon issue may not be a serious one, for an instance mild foul smell or aircon blower not as strong as it used to be. While this kind of service may not be as intensive as done by professionals, you’ll be surprised how often it helps. All it needs is some effort from you to clean the aircon filter and perhaps some cleaning on the aircon itself. We would recommend that you head on to YouTube and search for “aircon servicing DIY”. If this could actually solve your existing aircon issue, it’s already a 100% savings for you.


3.      Engage through SGTUB

If you really need to engage an aircon company but yet you do not have any personal recommendations, then engaging the aircon service through SGTUB is your next option for the best price. Reason why we recommend this is because not only could you get the lowest possible price but also the quality of work will not be affected. Another reason why this option is popular is because the flat rate discount applies regardless of the number of aircon you service, and no contract required. Imagine if you were to service more than 1 unit, then you can expect even more savings.


4.      Maintenance contract

Another way for you to save cost in the long run is to sign up for a maintenance contract with an aircon company for regular servicing. This maintenance is usually every 3-4 months. While this may save you cost in long run, it’s not a popular option among most people due to 2 major reasons. Number 1, people do not find the need to service the aircon regularly, which could be true in a sense if you know how to upkeep your aircon and depending on how frequent your aircon is used. Number 2, should you find the aircon servicing company you engage no longer doing a good job it used to, then you are probably stuck with the poor service until the contract expire. Most people do not like to be locked down, as such ensure you are willing to accept the risk if you are taking this option.


5.      Service multiple units

For some reasons if there is a need to service more than 1 aircon unit, then you could actually get a better price. However, most of the time, you may end up forcing to service the unit you don’t really need just to enjoy better rates. Still, this is another option for you to consider.


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