Month: June 2018

5 ways to maintain your aircon

The main cause of bad indoor air quality in air-conditioned rooms is the irregular maintenance of air-conditioning devices and sometimes completes absence of it. Such devices are a source of microbes and may cause many respiratory diseases caused by bacteria that multiply in improperly treated indoor units. All manufacturers advise that cleaning of the air…
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June 24, 2018 0

The best way to conserve aircon energy

Air conditioners are very useful and sometimes very necessary devices for a house, apartment, office or cottage. Despite the fact these units are necessary; the myth created in society about the very high cost of this equipment is completely justified. It’s especially understandable when you receive the electricity bill. Nevertheless, the recommendations from aircon servicing…
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June 19, 2018 0

The possible causes of aircon sound

The hot season isn’t a time to think about how to conserve aircon energy, you just want from your indispensable assistant to maintain the optimum room temperature. Unfortunately, these useful devices for home and office sometimes may break down. Many failures are often accompanied by noise from the air conditioner during operation. In order to…
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June 6, 2018 0

When to consider buying a used aircon

Quality air conditioning is a quite expensive equipment. Therefore, many people opt for second-hand equipment, because it seems to provide a good opportunity for savings. Used air conditioning is many times cheaper, and often this is the decisive factor when someone considers buying it for home or office. Let’s look at the shortcomings and advantages…
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June 3, 2018 0