When to consider buying a used aircon

When to consider buying a used aircon

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Quality air conditioning is a quite expensive equipment. Therefore, many people opt for second-hand equipment, because it seems to provide a good opportunity for savings. Used air conditioning is many times cheaper, and often this is the decisive factor when someone considers buying it for home or office. Let’s look at the shortcomings and advantages of buying a used air conditioner and when to consider buying.

Value for the money

Everyone wants to enjoy the coolness in the summer and the warmth in winter, but not all are willing to spend a lot for a new device. Cheap and substandard air conditioning systems are in most cases unsuitable for dismantling and re-installation. This option is only permissible with equipment of well-known brands. Therefore, the buyer must be prepared for the fact that a reliable split-system, even a second-hand system, will also cost a lot.

Hidden faults

Used air conditioners are offered everywhere, both on the internet and stores. But, you’ll never know why someone decided to sell a certain device. It’s possible that the device began to work worse than before, and someone saw the chance to sell it and earn some money.

The most serious risk is the breakdown of the compressor. As a rule, after these problems, someone will try to get rid of it, because the cost of replacing this element is equal to the full price of a device.

You don’t know how it’s used

The most common causes of the air conditioner malfunction or its individual parts are:

–    Carelessness during installation or dismantling;

–    The ingress of dust or debris into the coolant channels;

–    Non-observance of norms and rules of operation of climatic equipment.

A used air conditioner is a ” pig in a poke” because you don’t know how and why it was dismantled, under what conditions it worked and what kind of malfunctions it had. And even more so, you don’t know for sure how intensively the equipment was used.

How to protect yourself?

If you still decide to buy a used air conditioner, be sure to test the technique. The aircon servicing professionals will perform diagnostics of the equipment and check its work to see if there is aircon sound. Such a service is worthy, and it will give you some idea of the condition of the equipment, the period of its work and possible problems.

It’s important to pay special attention to installing a used air conditioner.

Some maintenance works require experience, so they need to be entrusted to professionals who will install the air conditioner, complying with all technical standards and safety requirements. It’s not cheap service, but in such a case it is better to refrain from saving.

“For” or “against”?

Summing up, it can be said with certainty that the best solution is still the purchase of a new air conditioner. However, if this is not possible, you can buy used, but only a high-quality one. Buying should be made only after a preliminary check of the equip

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