The possible causes of aircon sound

The possible causes of aircon sound

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The hot season isn’t a time to think about how to conserve aircon energy, you just want from your indispensable assistant to maintain the optimum room temperature. Unfortunately, these useful devices for home and office sometimes may break down. Many failures are often accompanied by noise from the air conditioner during operation. In order to eliminate the failure, first, you need to determine the cause. Only after the diagnosis, you can engage aircon services or repair. It is equally important to remember that eliminating the cause of noise at an early stage in most cases avoids the other, larger failures of the air conditioner.

What’s making the noise?

There are several reasons why the air conditioner may start to make noise during operation. The most common of them are:

–    the large vibration of the compressor;

–    the external unit of the air conditioner makes contact with the pipes;

–    malfunction of the fan;

–    errors made during the installation.

It’s not always possible to determine the source of noise independently. Calling professionals will help you to find a failure at an early stage.

Find the source

Before the repair, you should find the source of the noise. Typically, the noise from the indoor unit indicates a malfunction in the operation of the filters. Very often, the noise disappears after cleaning. It’s recommended to clean it often. This will help to avoid expensive repairs in the future. It’s much cheaper to clean it yourself then servicing.

The noise from the external unit may appear due to a large accumulation of dust and debris in it. The best prevention is regular cleaning.

Buzzing sounds in the air conditioner indicate a leak of refrigerant. However, for some models, this sound is acceptable.


In order to eliminate a malfunction in the operation of the air conditioner, it’s necessary to determine its cause first.

For example, if the source of noise is the compressor, it’s necessary to reduce its vibration level. If this doesn’t work, replace the compressor. If the fan is not working properly, it should also be replaced.

If the failure is caused by improper installation, only professionals will be able to solve it.

If noise appears during the warranty period, it’s advisable to call the aircon company and their technicians who installed it. In other cases, it’s better to call masters who specializes in air conditioners and who has extensive experience. They will help to fix the problem and ensure the equipment is repaired quickly.

In addition to noise, there can be an unpleasant smell from the air conditioner, which also indicates that there is a problem with the indoor unit and it must be cleaned urgently.

Manufacturing defect

Sometimes the noise from the air conditioner appears on the first day of operation. This is especially possible on low-cost models.

When choosing an air conditioner, you should pay attention to choosing the right manufacturer. It is better to choose the company which models have both economical options and air conditioners of an expensive segment.

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