Month: September 2018

How to Calculate Aircon BTU Properly

While you’re planning to buy and install a new aircon there are many important factors you need to consider first. Among these factors, the size of the aircon, power consumption, electricity bill are most important ones. In a way all three of these are interconnected with each other. If you opt for a larger aircon…
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September 26, 2018 0

Aircon Condensation May Not Be an Aircon Issue Always

An air conditioner is needed to keep the heat at bay, but few people who use them do not know why the AC is leaking. If there is such problem with their air conditioner they call aircon servicing that provide quality service at cheap rates and get the work done. They do not think about the whole…
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September 23, 2018 0

Is it worth to repair your aircon?

Repairing of the air conditioner and the cost of it depends on many factors. To determine the exact cost of repairing, you need the aircon servicing expert which will thoroughly examine and test your device. There are lots of known breakdowns and malfunctions of the air conditioner. If it breaks down, don’t think that only…
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September 16, 2018 0

What is aircon compressor and how it function?

The compressor is very important part of air conditioner which pumps Freon through air conditioning unit. Still, a huge number of people don’t know what is it and how it works. Below you’ll find all about this essential part of air-conditioning units. What is it and why needed? The compressor of the air conditioner compresses…
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September 11, 2018 0

How to determine which aircon company to engage

This is the question lingering is everyone’s mind every time they need to engage an aircon company. Just what are the consideration factors? Quite frankly, there are tons of aircon companies in Singapore. So what should we really look out for? Some companies simply provide low quality work for a cheaper price whereas some provide…
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September 7, 2018 0

The different types of aircon gas

If you need Freon for recharging your air conditioner, we present you all the most common types of refrigerants. This however also depends on the type of air conditioning you are using. You shouldn’t save on it, as the poor-quality refrigerant will lead to the breakage of the system. The recharge procedure should be performed…
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September 1, 2018 0