The best way to conserve aircon energy

The best way to conserve aircon energy

June 19, 2018 tips 0


Air conditioners are very useful and sometimes very necessary devices for a house, apartment, office or cottage. Despite the fact these units are necessary; the myth created in society about the very high cost of this equipment is completely justified. It’s especially understandable when you receive the electricity bill. Nevertheless, the recommendations from aircon servicing professionals below will help you to significantly reduce costs caused by huge power consumption.

Buy a ceiling fan

The ceiling fan may not cool the room, but you’ll feel more comfortable if the air flow is accelerated when the temperature in your room is too high. In that way, you’ll be able to set the air conditioner to a higher temperature and thus consume less energy. However, since the fan doesn’t lower the temperature in the room, it doesn’t make sense to leave it on while you are away from home because you will waste electricity.

Close the windows tightly

As closely as possible, inspect your windows – they should be tightly closed. If this rule is violated, the efficiency of the air conditioner will be reduced, and electricity bills will increase. The perfect solutions are high-quality and professionally installed metal-plastic windows – they have very low thermal conductivity and provide the highest level of thermal insulation.

Set the right cooling temperature

The comfort temperature for a human is 23 degrees Celsius, but it differs from person to person.

By setting the air conditioners at higher temperatures (for example 22 degrees Celsius) and you will significantly save on electricity bills, but besides the economy, such temperature will prevent colds.

Some modern air conditioners have the motion sensor included, which increases the temperature if no one is in the room, and lowers it to the default value when a person enters the room.

Use the air conditioner under the right conditions

You should not expose your air conditioner to the temperature above and beyond the scale indicated in the instructions.

If you want to use the air conditioner as a heating device in your home during extremely low temperatures, you should choose Inverter AC unit. When you choose the right device, it will not only last but also reduce electricity usage. A mobile aircon (portable) can also help you to reduce energy usage.

Use a timer

The work of the air conditioner can be controlled with a timer. While the air conditioner is running, a lot of electricity is consumed, so setting the certain temperature value with a timer will keep the right temperature level in the room which will in turn produce a much cheaper electricity bills.

Regular maintenance

Like any other complex device, the air conditioner can begin to show signs of failures if it’s not maintained properly. This is also applicable to portable aircon. The lack of it causes engine malfunctions and you’ll notice that it’s not cooling enough. As a result, electricity costs may increase. A complete failure of the air conditioner may also happen. Therefore, taking preventive measures, for example cleaning filters, can save you a lot of money.

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