Mobile air conditioners: Why they are useful

Mobile air conditioners: Why they are useful

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Although the purpose of it is the same, mobile air conditioner are different from other air conditioning systems, as they don’t need to be attached to the wall, floor, ceiling. It can be moved across the room of the apartment or house. By mobile, we meant portable air conditioner. Quite similar to other portable appliances such as air humidifier where you can easily move it around.

Because of its mobility, the mobile (portable) air conditioner can be very useful during the hot summer months. There are also other features of a mobile air conditioner which can be convenient for your needs. The first thing you should know is that these portable devices use a compressor and cooling fluids that make them very effective. They keep the humidity at a low level, and at the same time allow proper cooling of space.

Whether you have decided to buy a new or used aircon, it’s better first to consult your local aircon technician for the right advice. If you’re wondering how portable conditioner can be useful, just read the text below and you’ll find all the answers.

No need for professional installation

The only difficulty is the installation of the exhaust hose included in the packaging which removes hot air out of the room. This is convenient as you don’t need to keep the window ajar, but it’s not always possible to make such an exit for the exhaust hose (for example, it is not possible to make a hole on the retaining wall).

Installation and maintenance costs are reduced to minimum

Comparing with split-systems, portable air conditioners are much cheaper, taking into account installation and maintenance. So, for example, they don’t have an outdoor part that needs to be cleaned and washed regularly. They also don’t need protective anti-vandal grids and protectors.

The only maintenance consists of periodic cleaning the filter units and emptying the condensate tanks. These cleaning works are simple and you can always do it by yourself.

Compact and mobile device

Portable air conditioners are relatively small devices, and, if necessary, they can be easily dismantled and transported to a new location.

Portable air conditioners can be moved across the room. They will not be an obstacle to redesigning or changing the interior in the room. Although the length of the hose is not so great, it still gives you more freedom compared to spit systems.

Portable air conditioners are excellent for owners of a summer residence. When summer ends, this small device is easy to transfer to a new location.

In addition, portable air conditioners are convenient for those who rent an office space when they don’t want to install a split-system air conditioner. Also, it can be used by tenants, which is almost the only way for them to ensure the comfort during the hot summer period.

Lower price

Portable air conditioners are smaller devices, and therefore prices are cheaper compared to the large split and multi-split systems or central air conditioning systems. Because they are affordable, you don’t have to save much, so you can easily afford it for your home.


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