Average life spent of an aircon

Average life spent of an aircon

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It’s no secret that all home appliances have a certain average lifespan which is between 7 and 15 years. Air conditioners live even longer (15-20 years) which is the average lifespan of these devices throughout the aircon history. In the text below, we analyze the most important factors that affect the lifespan of air conditioners.

Frequency of use

The lifespan depends on the brand, capacity of the air conditioner, as well as conditions in which it works. So, in places where the air temperature often goes over 30 degrees Celsius, the service life of the air conditioner is below 8 years, all because it works all year-round without a rest. It’s completely different when air conditioner works normally few hours in the office or at home with a well-deserved break from the end of autumn to the beginning of spring with an exception when it’s used during the winter months for heating.

Size and power of the device

Unless you are purchasing a portable aircon, when choosing the type of air conditioner (especially split system) many forget that even the size and layout of the room play a very important role. To avoid any problems, reputable companies are always ready to send their aircon technicians for correctly measuring of the room in order to calculate the exact power of the air conditioner you need. An onsite survey is carried out in order to find the best place for installation of the air conditioner.


Poor quality of installation can be responsible for sudden “death” of the air conditioner. If the installation is done by someone incompetent, you can’t even rely on warranty. These are complicated devices that require proper installation with the use of special tools that can’t be found on a free sale. For example, incorrect refilling of the refrigerant can lead to a gas leak, which further leads to the inoperability of the compressor after few months of usage. The cost of repairing or replacing of an air conditioning compressor reaches half of the full air conditioner’s price.


Another reason for failures and shorter life of air conditioner can be attributed to the lack of servicing and maintenance. By regular maintenance, the air conditioner’s cooling system will be checked by licensed technicians, not to mention the regular cleaning of filters, which is performed independently. This will also avoid the need to overhaul your aircon which does not come cheap.

The heat exchanger of the outdoor unit is most often clogged with dust, small particles of all kinds of impurities from the street. The layer of it doesn’t allow heat to be completely removed which causes quick failure of the compressor.

Device cleaning

It’s necessary to periodically clean the filters, but that’s not all. In addition to filters, it’s also important to wash removable parts of the air conditioner, freeing them from dust and accumulated microbes. After all, such an air conditioner not only looks dirty but also can cause allergies due to the accumulated dust.

So, if you keep the air conditioner clean all the time, then it will work properly for a long time.

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