What is aircon chemical wash?

What is aircon chemical wash?

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What is aircon chemical wash?

Air conditioners need regular maintenance, just like any other machine or equipment. This increases aircon life spent. Some works, such as cleaning and replacing the filter, you can do it by yourself, but chemical cleaning – though it’s not as cheap as normal servicing, it is better to leave it to professionals.

Why split-systems need a regular cleaning?

It is well known that the standard split-system consists of two units – indoor and outdoor. When the air conditioner is in the cooling mode, the external unit of the split system performs the condensed function and the internal unit is the evaporator.

During the work, the air conditioner transfers heat from the room to the street. In the outdoor unit, there is a fan through which air is taken from outside and cools the condenser in which the Freon is in the gaseous state. If you look at the outdoor unit, you will see small plates of the condenser, and behind it, the copper tubes, along which the coolant moves.

When dirt gets on the condenser grids of the condenser, the air exchange decreases because the mud prevents its cooling. Because of this, the air conditioner can lose up to 30% of its performance. Also, air exchange decreases with the release of cottonwood, which clogs the capacitor grids and prevents the air conditioner from operating efficiently. Therefore, cleaning the outdoor unit of the air conditioner plays a very important role.

What’s chemical wash and why it is necessary?

When the water starts to drip from the indoor unit of the air conditioner, an unpleasant smell can be felt in the room. There are condenser failure signs when the cooling system delivers not enough cold air, or ice accumulation is noticed on the heat exchanger. Then the chemical wash of the air conditioner is recommended.

When cleaning, special certified chemical reagents are used, which are harmless with proper use and professional washing equipment with different nozzles for a quality cleaning. The chemical cleaning is recommended when normal pressure washing can’t solve the problems.

What happens during chemical cleaning?

During chemical cleaning, the aircon servicing technician completely disassembles the device, analyses it and thoroughly cleans each part with chemical reagents. Filters, evaporator coil, condenser, and drainage system with a pump are subjected to cleaning. Items will be immersed in a concentrated solution to dissolve all persistent types of dirt. The drainage and main pipes are also subjected to washing with reagents.

Advantages of complex chemical cleaning

After the job is done, users instantly notice positive changes and able to see that:

Leaks, unpleasant odors and various noises disappear completely;

cooling improves;

electricity consumption reduces;

condensate and icing are not forming;

air quality improves (especially noticeable by people suffering from asthma and allergies);

cleaning prolongs the service life of working parts.

The manufacturers of air conditioners recommend the chemical treatment once a year. The procedure is best performed in the spring before the start of the hot season. The processing time is about an hour, but it’ll be finished as soon as the device is clean.

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