What can you do when your aircon is not blowing cold air

What can you do when your aircon is not blowing cold air

March 25, 2019 tips 0


We are sure that you have come across such situation. Your aircon still “works” but just that it’s no longer cold. Question is what can you possible do?

Before you jump straight into contacting your aircon servicing company, here are some tips for you:



You may first what to check on the temperature settings on your remote control. Sometime it could be as simple as your remote does reflect a low temperature however your aircon is not set to the temperature your aircon remote is reflecting. This troubleshooting applies to any types of aircon include portable aircon.



Next to a visual inspection to see whether the fan is moving. Here we are referring not only to the aircon unit itself but also the compressor, if possible. In a more serious case, the fan of the compressor may be faulty altogether, and this is the time where you may need to seek professional help.



After checking the temperature and the fan, it’s time to move on to the filter. It is quite common to have the filters cloaked with massive dust. Why we say massive? Well, a little dust may not cause problems as we can expect the filter to attract dust almost daily. However, if you do not clean it regularly, this is where it may accumulate dust. If this is the case, it’s actually possible to clean it yourself. The most basic of all is simply to wipe is off with a clean cloth and slightly damp with tap water. If you have the budget and time, do invest in a clean agent spray to clean it more efficiently. Unlike cleaning a fan, it just needs to be cleaned differently.



This is rarely the issue but could well possibly be the cause of issue if you had purchased an aircon with a much lower BTU that what your room need. You may end up with an aircon that is not powerful, or rather not cold enough for your room.



Another possible cause just might lies in your compressor circuit. This is especially the case if you are using the windows aircon unit as it used the capacitor to kick start the compressor. If this component somehow goes down, then the compressor will ceased to function. Should this happen, you can expect the fan to blow warm air.



This usually require the professional to check but should you have your ways to check the refrigerant, then it’s highly recommended that you check this. Lack of Freon (gas) may jolly well contribute to the aircon not cold issue. If you can confirm low gas to be the issue, then it’s really time for you to call for professional to assist you in topping up the gas.


Aside from the above, please also make sure that you do not operate your normal together with your aircon at the same time. This may make you feel cooler than you normally would however this damages your aircon in the long run. It’s good to have both of these in your home, but never on both at the same time in the same room.


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