Improving the air circulation within your home or office

Improving the air circulation within your home or office

April 11, 2019 tips 0

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Almost all of us do not like humid weather, imagine all the heat and stuffy feeling. This may have an impact to whatever we are doing should we be in such environment. In fact, even your focus level might be affected.

To have a good air circulation is the key regardless of how good your aircon unit is. Now, you had probably already knew this but you are wondering how can you possibly improve the air circulation?

Here we share with you some of the tips.


Making use of Air Purifier

Many people overlook this, in fact air purifier can bring you significant benefits. This actually works well together with your air conditioning unit. It basically filter and circulate only purified air throughout your home or office. In order for this to be even more efficient, try placing the air purifier as far as possible (opposite end) from the air conditioning unit but still within the same room. 

In fact, this is an ideal choice for people who suffer from some allergies as when using both air condition together with air purifier, it not only help circulate the air but also free up any unnecessary particles, which may no longer irritate the affected person breathing. If the air purifier is compliant with the HEPA standards, then you can expect more than 99% of the negative air particles and bacteria to be removed. This also helps both elderly and children in terms of reducing the probability of catching a cold or flu virus.

Assuming you are working from home, then the more this may be helpful to you as being stuck with only stake air to breathe, it may be quite detrimental to your health.


Making use of Fan

As many of us already know, fan can be a very budget friendly and effective solution in keep us cool. While fan does not purify the air, it surely helps in keep the air circulated. There are some people who chooses to use the fan function within the aircon or even the portable aircon but it’s more recommended to use the conventional or rather traditional fan if you would call it as it simply works better and uses less power consumption.

We do not want the air around us to remain stagnant as with this it would also mean any germs, bacteria or negative particles around the air will constantly remain around you.

Some may argue that it’s not recommended to use fan in conjunction with your aircon as it may damage your aircon in the long run (causing issues such as water leaking etc) and more aircon servicing is required but the safest bet here would be to keep your room cool with the aircon, and then turn it off before activating the fan. So you still have the coolness around you while the same cool air can now be well circulated by the fan.

Aircon with HRV system

Fortunately in Singapore, most buildings are equipped with this system to help circulate the air, in fact it also helps in regulating moisture where this may actually help in preventing mould.

This HRV system also helps make the internal heating system for efficient, thus when used in conjunction with the air conditioning system, we can expect the air quality to improve tremendously.

While this is something you may not use in your home, it’s good to know that such system do exist to contribute to air circulation.


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