Weather changes in Singapore

Weather changes in Singapore

March 15, 2019 tips 0


According to the report from NEA, the recent months (Jan-Feb) long dry spell is the worst since 5 decades ago, imagine that. 

Lucky for the first 2 weeks of March, we have seen some good rain pouring across the island. However, do expect the dry season to kick in again as according the NEA last report, more rain is expected only in the first 2 weeks of Mar 2019. When the dry spell returns, it’s the period where most people is expected to use the aircon more than any other period. Below are some tips good for you to know.


Energy Savings

Try to on the aircon at least half an hour before you enter the room. As soon as you find it cold enough for you, off it and switch to fan instead. This will give you some coolness effect yet without wasting much aircon energy since the aircon is off. If it’s in the day time, perhaps you can try to reduce the effect of sunlight in your home. You can do this simple by closing the window (a little) or better still drawing down your curtain, if you have one. This will surely reduce the heat in your home.

If you notice, most of the aircon remote control also have the “sleep mode”. Be sure to leverage on this feature to further save your aircon energy. This feature is also available on most portable aircon, if you are using one.                         


Regular servicing

If the hot period prolonged, be sure to consider aircon servicing at least once every 3 months. Heavy usage of your aircon is bound to have some side effects if you do not service your aircon. Problems like aircon water leaking and aircon not blowing cold air may tend to rise. The latter can also be due to the insufficient aircon gas.


Keep Hydrated

Prolonged use of aircon at night and dry season in the day will surely dehydrate you faster than you usually do. What you can do here is simply drink plenty of water and constantly ensure you are kept hydrated. In fact what you can also do is use an air purifier to keep the air purifier and moist. This is also helps to avoid dehydration.


Use Fan

Yes, you heard it right. As we already know, fan consumes even much lesser energy. So if you can somehow skip the aircon at some period of the day, it’ll be much better for you. In fact, not only does it provide you with cost benefit, but it’s also good for your health. We have all heard how much damage aircon can do to us. This can be a topic for another day or check out our blog section for more information. With the fan, you are actually getting natural wind hence the air circulation is very healthy for you. When we touch on the topic on fan, actually even our aircon has a fan mode by itself but can we consider it the same as normal ordinary fan? Well, not really. The fan mode coming from our aircon is in fact still blowing from the same aircon filter we have. So if your aircon filter is not well maintained, then we still recommend you to use the normal fan.

We hope some of these tips really help you to survive the dry weather for the upcoming weeks or who knows, upcoming months.


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