Types of Air-Conditioning

Types of Air-Conditioning

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Today’s air conditioning technology allows you to choose a system according to your needs. If you need to buy one for yourself, aside from always choosing the cheapest, you should know that there are air conditioners with different power consumption, size and special features.

If you don’t know which option will be the most efficient for you, consult aircon services company and read the text below which will help you to make the right decision.

Window air conditioners

Although these were very popular and widely used, today its usage is reduced to a minimum due to a wide use of split-system air conditioners. But, window air conditioners have some advantages, especially for renters as they are somewhat portable, while split systems are not at all. If you have skillful hands and necessary tools, you can install the air conditioner by yourself, while the mounting of split systems must be done by licensed professionals.

Split systems

These air conditioning systems have indoor and outdoor units. The internal unit is placed on the wall of the air-conditioned room and the external unit is located most often next to the window on the outer wall. The maximum distance between the indoor and outdoor unit can be 30m (inverter aircon), and 15m (ordinary aircon). These air conditioners are mostly used in apartments with one or two rooms.

Multi split systems

Multi-split systems are characterized by the ability to connect up to 5 indoor units with just one outdoor unit. This solves the problem of limited space for several external units.

All units that are inside can be individually controlled via a remote control and don’t have to work at the same time. It’s possible to combine different types of indoor units depending on the purpose of the room.  Multi-split systems allow the longer distance between external and internal parts compared to ordinary split systems.

VRF systems

In recent years, VRF systems are the best for elite buildings, apartments, and houses. Like split and multi-split systems, they VRF systems consist of outdoor and indoor units, but due to their technical capabilities, they are increasingly called as the central air-conditioning system.

These systems allow you to create a cooling system for 4-48 rooms, with a total area of 100-1000 square meters, solving the problems of ventilation and air conditioning in the building.

An important advantage of VRF systems is the variety of indoor units. They can be placed on walls, ceilings, floors for effective cooling of any size of the room.

Portable air conditioners

These air conditioners have a lot of advantages over others as they can be moved from one room to another during the work because of four wheels. Portable air conditioners don’t have any outdoor unit. All parts are packed in one single device that has the ability to heat and cool the air.

The main downside of this air condition type is that a heat must be discharged with a flexible hose. Because of this, the portable air conditioners are not recommended. They are also noisy because the compressor is in the air-conditioned room.

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