How to choose the right aircon

How to choose the right aircon

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So, you have some money and you want to buy a new air conditioner. But, there are a lot of questions arising.  What types of aircon to consider? How powerful should it be? Is there air conditioner that can be used as the only heating device? Just read the text below and find out all the answers.

Prepare yourself

Get to know basic terms that describe each air conditioner so you can determine which of its features are best for you, and based on that, you can make an informed decision and find yourself the best fit.

You will naturally want to spend as little as possible for electrical consumption. If you’re planning to use the it only occasionally, during the hottest summer months, it’s best to choose Class C air conditioner which is classified as average energy consumption unit, in other words cheaper for your pocket.


The power required for cooling or heating certain space is calculated on the basis of many factors, such as the area of a square as well as the room layout. Also, there are other important factors to consider and among them are the position of your apartment (house, office space, etc.), is it on the sunny side of the street, on the higher or lower floors, what is the isolation, etc.

Inverter vs non-inverter unit

Thanks to the advanced technology, the inverter air conditioners become standard for both cooling and heating. Advantages of the inverter air conditioner over the standard AC are numerous:

–    Inverter AC reaches the desired temperature faster (either in summer or winter),

–    The consumption of electricity is noticeably lower,

–    Works normally at outdoor temperatures of -15 degrees Celsius (unlike standard ones whose work is not efficient already at -5 degrees).


Filters are an integral part of every air conditioner used to clean the air and remove unpleasant smells. Here are some of them:

The most basic filter removes larger dust particles from the air. It’s easy cleaned by suction and wash. It’s most often combined with a filter for air purification that collects the smallest particles of dust and prevents the development of microorganisms and molds. On the rear side of AC is a filter with active carbon, and in the front – an electrostatic filter.

The photo-catalytic filter purifies the air from both chemical and harmful elements, as well as from impurities and microorganisms, using ultraviolet light.

Ionizers are filters that create a refreshing air in your home


Each air conditioner produces a certain level of noise during its operation. If you’re highly sensitive to it, you should consider only ultra-quiet devices.

What else should be considered?

It’s also important that you like the appearance of the air conditioner because it’s usually installed in your living room where is clearly visible. If you maintain it properly, you will use it for a long time. Also, when choosing an air conditioner, ask about the availability of spare parts, the aircon servicing process if there will be a need for it, as well as warranty terms.

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