Top 3 reasons why and how aircon can harm you

Top 3 reasons why and how aircon can harm you

August 13, 2018 tips 0


Almost everyone in Singapore has an aircon unit installed in their homes today. It does actually bring many benefits to us however do you know that it can also cause you harm?

Check out the top 3 reasons below.


Excessive aircon usage can cause skin dryness which can result in many more complications. This can be further aggravated if you love taking hot showers. While a hot shower can be relaxing, it actually remove the moisture from your skin. With a constant exposure to both of these elements in combination, you will most probably experience skin issues especially if you already have a sensitive skin.

So how can you prevent this? Aside from minimizing the aircon usage or getting the best air purifier to purify the air around your room, you may wish to give it an attempt to start having cold showers. In fact, cold showers can open up a new whole range of other benefits but this is another topic altogether. While you may not be used to it, try gradually over the days and weeks and before you know it, you will get used to it. If cold shower is really not meant for you, then your next option (a little more expensive) is to ensure you properly maintain and hydrate your skin with suitable skin products.


  • If you love your lungs …

Do you know that if your aircon is not clean, you may end up breathing unwanted particles which can actually lead to respiratory issues? Our lungs are truly precious, so ensure you invest a little effort, time and money to keep your aircon clean for a fresher and clean breathing environment. This can be as easy as start cleaning the aircon filters. Performing a more advance cleaning yourself is still possible as you only need to learn how it can be done and follow the instruction carefully. However, if your aircon has not been serviced for many years, then it’s best to engage a professional to perform the aircon servicing for you. It’s highly recommended that you service your aircon at least twice a year.


  • If you love your bones …

Too much of aircon can also affect your bones in the long run, and if you are not careful it may even lead to rheumatism. While this rarely occur when you are young, it may be a matter of time before you encounter this issue if you prolong the usage of aircon. The best is of course to sleep without aircon and just a fan but this may rob you of the other aircon benefits like comfort sleep. While it cannot be entirely avoided, the best you can do is to minimize the aircon usage, exercise regularly and have more supplements and food meant for stronger bones. This is also partly the reason why our elderlies are so much fitter back in those days when aircon was hardly used. If only we can have that same lifestyle.


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