Universal Aircon Remote Control

Universal Aircon Remote Control

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The Best Universal Aircon Remote Control Guide

We know the pain.

It can be frustrating if our aircon remote control suddenly gets spoiled or we lose it.

When this happens, we mostly face these problems :

  • Turning it on and off can be very inconvenient
  • 99% of the time, there is no way for us to control the temperature directly from the aircon, much less controlling the modes or fan speed
  • We are aware subconsciously on how inconvenient it can be to contact your aircon brand manufacturer or even your preferred aircon technician to purchase another set for your model


If you don’t already know, there is a universal aircon remote control sold in the market where it can operate almost on every air conditioner, regardless of brand or model. If your plan is to get one of this, I’m sure your next question would be where can you purchase one and how can you configure it yourself. Here is where we will really guide you from end to end.

First thing first, we hope you are in Singapore as this guide is dedicated to people residing in Singapore.


Where to Buy?

Head down to Mustafa Centre level B2, located @ 145 Syed Alwi Road and walk towards the Electronic section area.

Feeling lazy? Simply order it here and have it delivered to you – Get it Here


What to Get?

Look for this aircon remote control.

universal aircon remote control


How much is it?

The price ranges from $8 to $12 only as there are usually different model variation, but it works the same.

However, if you don’t mind waiting, you can get it even cheaper online – Get it Here


How do I set it up after purchase?

If you have been googling around or reading the universal remote control instruction, surely you may have come across the fact that you will need to know the code for your aircon in order to pair it up with the remote control. This is correct but to be frank you don’t really need it.


Here’s a simpler way:

Step 1:

Turn on the remote control – Be sure to insert the batteries 🙂


Step 2:

Aim your remote control to your aircon direction. Really any aircon will do, even this – Panasonic.

panasonic aircon


Step 3:

Press the “Set” green button at the bottom left of the remote control.


Step 4:

Observe the remote control display screen. You will notice a number running up in sequence. Let this run up by itself where the remote control will now automatically search for the number used by your aircon.


Step 5:

As soon as it hits the correct number, you will hear a beep sound from your aircon. This is where the remote has detected the aircon code number for your aircon. Do note that even at this point, the number code on the remote control display screen will still be running up however you will already have a clue on the number range of your aircon code number.


Step 6:

All you need to do is press the down button to run the number back down (or adjust between up and down accordingly) to hear out again for the beep. Usually, it will beep at several numbers, for example 680,681,682 etc. Select any one of this number and press the “OK” green button at the bottom right of the remote control.


And that’s it, you’re done!

You are now back in control of your aircon.

Enjoy and please share this with others if you find it useful. If you have some time, you may wish to continue reading below for more information on how universal aircon remote control works.


How does universal air conditioner remote control work?

Currently, all air conditioners that are sold in the current market have their remote control.

We are well aware that if the remote suffers any damage and is broken, the purchase of a replacement one won’t come cheap. That’s where a universal remote comes in quite handy and as we all know, they can serve us for different brands and we’ll get something cheaper than the original ones.

The main problem with a universal remote control is that it will only cater for the main functions that an air conditioner performs, such as changing the mode of operation, changing the speed of the fan and so on. But if we have an air conditioner of the better brands, it is more likely that this brings features that other devices do not bring, such as automatic filter cleaning, air ionization and activating or deactivating the motion sensor.

Even though we know some basic aircon facts – like how they work, there are several striking facts about AC units that will certainly make your head spin. Nowadays with the new technologies, there are many functions that the new models bring, that is why the remote controls for an air conditioner bring more different buttons each time.

Normally there tend to be functions that do not have much use, so if we break the original command, the best is a universal command and we can get hold of one without much effort. So how does a universal air conditioner remote control actually work?

The first step in the whole process is to determine what type of remote is controlling the air conditioning unit. Almost all air conditioner remotes controls are infrared, which means that the user have to point the remote straight at the air conditioner, without any obstacles in its way as to control the air conditioner. A few air conditioners, generally newer models, utilize a Radio Frequency remote control.  These types of remotes have the ability to control the air conditioning unit from any other room in the house within a fixed range.

After you’ve purchased the precise type of universal air conditioner remote control and the approved batteries, which are usually AAA or AA, install them according to the remote manufacturer’s instructions. You will find a guide inside the remote control’s box which will explain the method you should use to program your universal remote control to work with your type of air conditioner unit. You will also have to locate the correct set of codes for your specific air conditioning unit. If in doubt, contact your nearest aircon servicing technician.

Now, switch on the air conditioning unit. After you’ve turned it on, press and hold the button that puts the remote control into program mode. Keep an eye on the remote and check for a series of flashes and then enter the first code on the list. Be on the alert for some more flashes. Now you should press the power button. If the unit turns off, the programming was accomplished.

Honestly, before going for an original remote control, you should try out a universal one, as they are very inexpensive nowadays and you can get hold of one easily. If you have difficulty using the remote control to program your air conditioner, try replacing the batteries.

I hope that this article gave you a better understanding of how a universal air conditioner remote control works and that you will purchase one with more confidence in future.



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