Hidden camera found in aircon unit

Hidden camera found in aircon unit

August 16, 2018 tips 0

(BEWARE) Hidden camera found in aircon unit after servicing

Please share this with your loved ones so they can be more cautious …


Surely all of you reading this already know what a hidden camera is and might have even heard many horrifying stories of it being planted in places like toilets or even shopping mall dressing room.

Do you know that such hidden camera can be placed very well within your aircon units?

It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a portable aircon, window or even ceiling unit.

This is especially more scary when our home aircon units are mostly installed in bedrooms, where our most private moments lies in.

If you have engage the aircon technician to perform any aircon services, and worst if it wasn’t recently, can you imagine how long you have already been monitored and watched? This hidden camera could be placed within any of the aircon components.

Though it seldom occur, truth to be told, a few people have already been a victim of this.


So what can you do?

Firstly, check if you are not an existing victim to this. Few ways you can do this; either open up your own aircon unit to find for any suspicious lens or purchase a hidden camera detector. An easier way is simply to download any hidden camera detector mobile app to scan for it.

You want to be double sure that nothing of the sort has been planted in your aircon unit!

In our busy days and life, many of us do not realize or even think about this.

This is even more serious if we have our dearest ladies at home.


Share this to as many people as you can, especially your loved ones.

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