The different types of aircon gas

The different types of aircon gas

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If you need Freon for recharging your air conditioner, we present you all the most common types of refrigerants. This however also depends on the type of air conditioning you are using. You shouldn’t save on it, as the poor-quality refrigerant will lead to the breakage of the system. The recharge procedure should be performed by aircon servicing professionals twice a year. If everything is done correctly, the system will work smoothly and efficiently. In addition, it allows your air conditioner to work properly for a long time. Take note that such gases are not applicable for portable aircon.


Freon R-22

This is a classic Freon, used for recharging not only latest models but also air conditioners that were released earlier. This refrigerant is cheap, as the equipment. However, it has a negative effect on the ozone layer. The components of this Freon evaporate evenly.

Freon R-32

It’s a Difluoromethane developed long ago. It’s used as a constituent in a mixture of many Freons and responsible for improving their efficiency. Thanks to perfectly combined indicators of relative molecular boiling points, condensation pressure at a critical temperature, this mixture demonstrates high efficiency.

This is the next step in the development of the cooling industry. It’s planned that in the future all air conditioning systems will be transferred to this type of Freon, as the most economical, requiring minimum energy consumption with the same performance in comparison with previous generations of Freons.

Freon R-134a

This is a colorless refrigerant, one of the first that was made without the use of chlorine. It’s safe, non-toxic and non-flammable at any temperature. Most often, this refrigerant is used for automobile air-conditioners, refrigeration equipment for industrial and domestic purposes. Used for making other brands of Freon. The chemical name of the refrigerant R-134a is Tetrafluoroethane. The refrigerant R134-a is widely used around the world as the main replacement for the R-12 for refrigeration equipment operating in the mid-temperature range.

Freon R-125

Freon R-125 is used as an independent substance, or as a part of mixtures for the replacement of refrigerants R-12, R-22 and R-502. It has good fire-fighting properties, which makes it possible to use it in gas fire extinguishing installations. It’s an alternative to fire extinguishing systems Halon1211 and Halon 1301.

Freon R-410A

It consists of half of Freon R-32 and half of Freon R-125. It’s the newest refrigerant, which doesn’t have a destructive effect on the ozone layer. It allows you to use more pressure and improves the overall performance of the air conditioner. The use of Freon is an excellent opportunity to save electricity.

Freon R-407C

This refrigerant consists of three others: R-32, R-125, and R-134a. This Freon is also ozone-safe. Usually, it is used in multi-zone and industrial systems. Its difference from previous Freons is that it’s not isotropic, which causes the light components to evaporate at first. This leads to the fact that the partial charging of the aircon compressor is not possible. It’s necessary to completely remove the remaining components, after which you can proceed to the full recharge of your air conditioner.


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