How to determine which aircon company to engage

How to determine which aircon company to engage

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This is the question lingering is everyone’s mind every time they need to engage an aircon company.

Just what are the consideration factors? Quite frankly, there are tons of aircon companies in Singapore. So what should we really look out for? Some companies simply provide low quality work for a cheaper price whereas some provide high quality work for higher price. Can you find a company that provide high quality service yet at a cheaper or lower price? This is perhaps everyone’s goal regardless of the product or services.


Real life experience

We can share with you some of the experience we’ve had personally or even those which we’ve heard off. There was once where the customer choose to go for the cheapest aircon servicing but everything went wrong. She was quoted very low price which really tempt her. In the beginning, it went really well during the appointment booking and what she was promised. She was being informed that the service to be rendered will be a top notch quality despite the low price.

During the day of service, the disappointment begins from the punctuality factor. As the aircon company was focusing on delivering high volume of service, they were struggling to be on time due to low manpower resource. The aircon technician came 2 hours later than promised. The customer bear with it given the fact that she will at least enjoy cheaper aircon service. The technician finally came and did the servicing. The issue she had mainly was leaking aircon.

To her surprise, the servicing was completed within just 10 minutes. It was a very quick, non-thorough cleaning. No doubt, it does stop the aircon leaking for a while but it actually came back on the night itself! As expected, she called back the company to complain on this. She was informed that perhaps a chemical wash is required and additional charge would be incurred. It was very frustrating for the customer as the technician could have advise her on this right from the start after troubleshooting which the technician did not. End up, she has to pay for both the normal servicing and chemical wash which resulted in a much higher cost as compared to if only chemical wash was done right from the start. After all, there isn’t really a cost saving but end up paying more than she should.

From the above experience, it will surely start deterring her from engaging cheap aircon servicing in the future but does that really mean she should avoid it totally at all cost? We share with you below what to look out for exactly while still striving for cheaper aircon servicing.


 What to look out for?

Before we proceed, you need to accept that no matter how intensive you’ve done your due diligence, there is never a situation where you will be guaranteed a perfect service. This applies to technicians you’ve engaged previously, there is still a chance where you may face issues even though it was close to perfect at your last service. Now that we have got this cleared, let’s move on.

First thing you need to do is to scout a list of reputable aircon servicing companies. How to identify one? Ensure the company has been in the business for at least 10 years and it has good reviews. By reviewing, we do not meant those publishing on their own website but instead on 3rd party sites. While those publishing on their own sites may be self-made up testimonials (not all though), it doesn’t mean those on 3rd party sites are all 100% genuine. For reviews on social media or google reviews, some of those may be posted by fake accounts etc. We are not encouraging you to be over skeptical, but sometimes it’s good to be cautious. With this said, read as much reviews as you can but take every of the reviews with a pinch of salt and trust your judgement. There are helpful unbiased sites like SGTUB or even forum discussion to help you along.

Now that you have scouted the list of reputable aircon companies, start comparing their prices head to head. There are some companies where it’s simply worth it to pay extra for the quality they can provide. This is the challenging area as no company will come upfront and tell you they are not providing quality service. This could easily be resolved again through trusted review or better still if you have trusted connections who have engaged their service to provide their genuine unbiased feedback.


Any last words?

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