Aircon expansion valve

Aircon expansion valve

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Expansion Valve Is Important Component for Performance of Air Conditioners

The engineering of modern aircon machines are really marvellous. The overall arrangement is complex with different accessories that makes it perform and make your rooms cooler. Expansion valve is one of the most important component inside the air conditioner. This valve helps in drawing necessary heat inside the AC.

Function of expansion valve

Before understanding the function of expansion valve it is necessary to know how the refrigerant works. This heat transference fluid can change between gaseous and liquid state. While cooling down it absorbs heat and the vice versa. While leaving the condenser the refrigerant is in liquid form. It is too hot then to evaporate and draw out the heat from the room. The expansion valve performs here by removing the pressure from the refrigerant. It helps it in cooling down the refrigerant into a cold gas. The expansion valveā€™s main function is to remove the pressure inside that in turn cools down the refrigerant.

Now, just like any other accessory of aircon machine the expansion valve may also malfunction. There are certain signs that will show that it is not performing well.

Signs that shows expansion valve is not functioning properly

Different signs that can be noticed are

  • If the AC is not performing up to the mark then there can be some problem with the expansion valve. The flow inside the AC system is maintained by the orifice tube and the expansion valve. When either of these two are not performing well the AC too will not perform normally. The temperature of the air that it blows outside may not be that cold. If the problem is severe then blowing warm air is also not impossible.
  • If you notice any frost accumulating on the vents of the Air conditioner then call aircon servicing When the expansion valve or the orifice tube is not performing properly it can let the refrigerant flow without any measurement. This in turn will freeze over the evaporator and frost can be noticed outside. It shows that there is severe problem inside and needs care immediately.
  • Are you noticing that the compressor of the Air conditioner is running constantly? This is another symptom that the expansion valve is malfunctioning. This happens when the expansion valve fails or is open. It will make the compressor to pass the refrigerant from the total AC system. Naturally it puts pressure on the compressor and it keeps on running constantly.

When you observe any of the symptoms then you need to get an expert immediately. If you call them at right time then the overall cost may be cheap. However, if you take time and something else happens to the Air conditioner then you may have to bear a lot of cost apart from facing the problems that you have to as the aircon in your home is not performing well. It is always best to get the inspection done by a professional technician who will do the necessary to resolve the problem.


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