Important Matters with Aircon Accessories

Important Matters with Aircon Accessories

October 18, 2018 tips 0

Whenever you’re going to install an air conditioner in your house, you must understand one thing first. The air conditioner is neither for the beautification of your house nor it work properly throughout the year without any maintenance. After all it is just a machine which is required to either cool down or warm up your house. You need to do regular maintenance of it. It will never add up to the beauty of your house. So while you install an air conditioner in your house you need to be very careful about the accessories which come with it. They also need same care like the air conditioner to work properly.

Besides proper care of the air conditioner and its accessories, you need to be very careful while choosing any decorative accessory for your air conditioner. So be very careful with the accessories of an air conditioner no matter whether it comes with it or you buy it individually for your air conditioner. Here some important factors about the accessories are given for your knowledge.


Never keep the air condition units in congested area or under cover

The outdoor unit of an air condition needs to breathe out and again breathe in to cool down or warm up the room. So it is better to keep the outer unit of an air conditioner in an open space. People who work in aircon servicing typically suggest placing it outside the house. This will help the air conditioner work properly. It is also very important not to cover up the outer unit. Otherwise the cover will create troubles in the work process of the unit. You can fix a shade or an iron casing to keep the unit safe as the technicians suggest. But never cover it up. Same is applicable for the internal unit. While it is working never use any cheap covering on the internal unit. This will damage the unit.

Regular cleansing of the outer unit is necessary

As explained in the last point, the outer unit cannot be covered up by covering material. It is better to fix a shade on it. So the outer unit needs regular servicing. Technicians of aircon servicing always suggest a quarterly servicing of the outer unit is best. As it is placed in the open space, the chances of it to get dirty are very high. People often complain about finding dust, small branches, and droppings of birds on the outer unit. Also the outer units get pretty hot while controlling the internal temperature of your room. So you better keep up with the maintenance schedule of the outer unit.

Like the outer part the valves and trunks of dripping pipes need to be maintained

This is true. If you have settled with cheap products then it is for sure that you’re going to face condensation problems. So it is better to go for renounced companies. They prefer to give you good quality expansion valves and dripping pipes to ensure no leakage due to moisture build up. Also they offer paid maintenance service of both the units in regular interval. It will be good if you regularly check the expansion valves to avoid any sudden leakage.


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