Air conditioning affect our pets

Air conditioning affect our pets

November 4, 2018 tips 0


As a consequence of the heat that many of us experience during summer, the sale of air conditioners has increased for the home. Thus, the home becomes a refuge of well-being to resist the high temperatures of the street. However, you should service your aircon on a regular basis in order to have a pleasant atmosphere in the room at all times. When opting for these air conditioning systems, it is very important to understand that air conditioning does not affect the person in the same way as an animal.

For this reason, if you have air conditioning, try not to think of yourself only, but also of your hairy friend. A possible recommendation is to prevent animals from being exposed to direct contact with the air conditioner. In that case, a practical solution is to install it only in one area of your house. For example, in the living room, where you are spending most of your time. To enhance the air in your living room, you could also purchase an air purifier to keep your atmosphere even clean and purified. You don’t get to get the best air purifier, just a basic one will still help.

What are the principle risks by utilizing air conditioning, particularly when it amounts to an unexpected adjustment of temperature with the outside? It raises the risk of cold in the animal, primarily if it is too young or it is aged. Another possible alternative to refresh the environment is to use a fan. If you have air conditioning at home, then it is very important that you regulate the temperature between 22 and 23 degrees. But also, moderate the time of use.

In a way, the immoderate utilization of an air conditioner causes the respiratory system of the animal to become dry and subject them to tension. They will become fearful; they might urinate inside your dwelling or a dog may start biting objects. You might want to speak to your pet’s veterinarian and ask for suggestions on this matter. Unexpected alterations in temperature elevate the possibility of irritation in older dogs that may suffer inconvenience in their joints.

Firstly, you must be aware of the fact that the snout of your dog is permanently wet and cold; a state that indicates good health, which are used to cool it down and usually maintain their body temperature. If you are uncertain of the immediate effects air conditioning might have on our pets at home, consult with your local aircon servicing company.

The immune system of a puppy is not yet fully evolved and this is also the reason why it would be suitable to keep a number of risks in mind. Of course, the utilization of an air conditioning system at home does not come cheap and demands some attention when it comes to our pets, because they can be overtaken by colds, pneumonia and dog cough. A good precaution method is to set some space aside in the house where the cold does not arrive, even though this prospect is determined by the dispensation of your dwelling.

As luck would have it and notwithstanding the safeguards undertaken, there are other techniques to give new strength or energy to them by ensuring that you have clean water for them at hand at all times, not cutting their hair, or leave them all by themselves in the car.

With these great tips of how air conditioning affect our pets at home, you now have enough knowledge to keep your pet in a healthy state at all times, while still enjoying the luxury that your unit gives.


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