Aircon Condensation May Not Be an Aircon Issue Always

Aircon Condensation May Not Be an Aircon Issue Always

September 23, 2018 tips 0


An air conditioner is needed to keep the heat at bay, but few people who use them do not know why the AC is leaking. If there is such problem with their air conditioner they call aircon servicing that provide quality service at cheap rates and get the work done. They do not think about the whole process.

You too may be one of them and if you find that your AC is leaking you call a professional first. The main problem for leakage of aircon may be a condensation problem. Well, let’s find out first how the aircon works.

How AC works?

In an Air conditioner, there are five building blocks that are basic to any air conditioner. They are compression, condensation, expansion, evaporation, and heat exchange. The result of which is the reduced temperature of your room.

There are different parts in an air conditioner with the help of which these functions are performed. They are a compressor, condenser coil, evaporator coil, expansion valve, fans, and drainage tubes. Now, when an Ac is to be installed at any room BTU calculation is done. BTU or British thermal unit is useful in measuring the thermal energy of any room. Based on that the power of the air conditioner is fixed. If the BTU calculation is not proper and the heat energy is much more than what is calculated then there will be excess pressure on the compressor. This will result in different types of malfunctions in the aircon.

Is aircon condensation a problem?

You should not get confused between aircon condensation and leaking of water from your Aircon. Condensation in aircon is quite normal as the Ac is cooling and warming up your home and in this water, droplets are formed. They need to end up somewhere and that is why there are condensation drip line, the primary one and the one at the back. However, when there is leakage of water that means there must be some problem, as the condensation drip line can take care of the water droplets.

Some reason that can cause excessive condensation is

  • There may be some bacterial growth in the pipeline that is blocking the pipeline and thus it is leaking. If the place is very humid then there are high chances that mild dew will grow and result in blockage.
  • If the trunks were not fit properly while the air conditioner was installed then there may be such issues that will lead to leakage. You will find that condensation is more than what it actually should be as the hot air is not able to pass through properly.
  • Sometimes the pipeline may be dislodged and again in such case, you will be facing the same problem.

What should be done?

Now that you know the difference between normal condensation and excessive condensation and its effect you must get to an expert if you find there is any problem. You can try it yourself, but without necessary tools, you may not be able to fix the problem.


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