Is it worth to repair your aircon?

Is it worth to repair your aircon?

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Repairing of the air conditioner and the cost of it depends on many factors. To determine the exact cost of repairing, you need the aircon servicing expert which will thoroughly examine and test your device. There are lots of known breakdowns and malfunctions of the air conditioner. If it breaks down, don’t think that only expensive repairs are needed to solve the problem. The help of professionals is needed to prevent and eliminate malfunctions of air conditioners with a minimum of costs. But, if you need to repair your aircon frequently, then you’ll ask yourself a question – is it really worth it? If you’re looking for answers, you will find them in the text below.


Cost of repairing depends on season

According to some statistics, the largest number of repairs are requested during the summer months, when air conditioners are so necessary to maintain the optimal temperature at homes and offices. Therefore, the cost of repairing the air conditioner in a hot period is a slightly higher than usual. That’s why there are a lot of friendly professionals willing to tell you that the best time to maintain aircon is the winter or cold weather in the case of Singapore. After all, it’s very beneficial not only in terms of saving money, but it will also allow being one hundred percent prepared for a hot and exhausting summer.

Prevent losing money on repairs

When you purchase an air conditioner, you will be issued a warranty card. If the air conditioner is not under warranty, then the cost of diagnosis and repair of the air conditioner will be all yours. Therefore, when buying an air conditioner, you must be careful in choosing the right company.

It is strongly recommended that repair and maintenance of air conditioners are ensured to qualified specialists and companies that will be fully responsible for the work performed, otherwise, you may experience huge money loss.

However, just in case you own a portable aircon and would like try fix it your own, we strongly recommend you this article – how to fix your own portable aircon.

What are the most common breakdowns?

The cost of repairs may vary depending on the type of failure.

When filters are clogged, the following problems can happen:

–    Deterioration of cooling parts

–    Water begins to drip out of the air conditioner immediately after it’s turned off

–    Water doesn’t drip out, but runs out rapidly

The leakage of refrigerant significantly increases the cost of repairing, because in that case:

–    The device is subjected to overheating

–    The compressor may break

–    The device may fail completely

Repairing is cheaper than buying a new one

In any case, the repair of an air conditioner is cheaper than buying a new one, but sometimes it’s better to replace it with a new one because of too frequent and repeating repairs.

The average cost of repair services:

– $50 for air conditioners of small and medium power – up to 5kW

– $300 for high-performance air conditioners – more than 7kW

– $900-1000 for multi-split air conditioners central air conditioning system – $900-1000$.

You should also know that when you have multiple repairs that reach 70% of the total value of your air conditioner, you should consider buying a new one.


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