How to Calculate Aircon BTU Properly

How to Calculate Aircon BTU Properly

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While you’re planning to buy and install a new aircon there are many important factors you need to consider first. Among these factors, the size of the aircon, power consumption, electricity bill are most important ones. In a way all three of these are interconnected with each other. If you opt for a larger aircon then it will simply be the wastage of your money. This does not indicate that it won’t serve the purpose of temperature control and moisture control of your house.

Why size is important factor for buying an aircon?

A large air condition will simply waste your investment by not properly removing the moisture content of the room and will make the room clumsy and uncomfortable. On the other hand if the size of the aircon is less than the required one then it won’t properly cool down your room. In both the cases you will have to pay more than necessary in the electricity bill without getting the comfort you’re looking for. Even improper size can arouse the condensation problem of the aircon. But if you calculate the accurate BTU (British Thermal Unit) required for your room and then determine the actual size of the aircon you need, then you’re going on proper route. An aircon of required size will not only control your room temperature and moisture properly but also it will be way cheaper while paying the bills.

How to calculate BTU?

Now you may think that it is very hard to calculate the BTU all by yourself. But it is practically very easy. You can also ask any technician of aircon servicing and get the value calculated but it will be better if you try it yourself. It will also help you analyze the power consumption of the aircon and analyze the capacity of aircon as per your need. All you need to follow the steps given below to calculate the BTU required.

  • First calculate the square feet area of your room:

You do not need to be an expert of geometry to conclude the actual size of your room. If you forgot to calculate the square feet area of any geometric figure then first get an idea how to do it. Then as per the shape of your room calculate the area. If your room is quadrilateral one then simply multiply the length and the breadth of the room. There are rules to calculate the area of other figures also. Simply use the rules and the measurements to calculate the area. It will be cheap if you do it by yourself.

  • Calculate the BTU based on the square feet area of your room:

To calculate the BTU you need the chart which is regularly used by the technicians of aircon servicing. Simply go through the websites or ask any aircon technician and get a vivid knowledge about the list of required British thermal unit as per the square feet area. For example for an area of 100 to 150 square feet you need 5000 BTU per hour to cool down.  Again for 1000 to 1200 square feet area you need 21000 BTU per hour to cool down.

  • Do the practical measurements:

In practical scenario you need to lower the BTU calculated by 10 percent to get the actual BTU required based on the type of the room, geometrical shape and the place where you’re going to install your aircon. As the technicians suggest the condensation problem happens most if you place your aircon in the farthest corner of your room.


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