Top 3 places in Singapore to shop for aircon

Top 3 places in Singapore to shop for aircon

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Thinking of buying an aircon but not sure where to shop for it?

Fret not, as we will be listing the top 3 places in Singapore for you to shop for your aircon. Sure, there are plenty of place to shop for one but the ones we’ve have listed are those which carry a wide range of choice (including portable aircon) and most importantly, the place where you could get your best deal. Just in case if you feel there are better places, feel free to give us a shout in the comment section.



Mega Electronics Store @ Leisure Park Kallang

This place in centrally located and it specializes on electronic items. Mega Electronics store carry almost all the popular brands in Singapore. It may not be the cheapest but you can count on them for a good deal of aircon promotion.


Gain City Megastore @ Sungei Kadut

Gain City has several stores in Singapore but the biggest and widest selection you can find will be at the store located in Sungei Kadut. If you are located in the western Singapore, then this place should be quite convenient for you. It is a very established store with friendly staffs, and they have a good focus on aircon sales as compared to their close competitors.


Courts Megastore @ Tampines

Well known for their furnitures but their biggest store at Tampines is the one you should visit, for aircon purchases. Courts offers free delivery and installation for their customers subject to their terms and condition. This is the place to go if you are located in the eastern Singapore.


Above are the top 3 places we would recommend but recently we have discovered additional places we think it may be worth your time to check it out. Here we are throwing another 2 more for you 🙂


Audio House @ Bendemeer

Don’t be misled by the shop name! It may sound like a shop specializing on audio products (yes, you are partially right), but this shop also carries a wide range of aircon selection. In fact, keep track of their promotional period and you’ll be surprised how much you can save with their amazing offers.


Online Shop @ Lazada

You heard it right. This is totally different from the 4 above as it requires you to make an online purchase. We know what you may be thinking – you wouldn’t want to purchase expensive items online especially when you do not even have access to view it physically or at least talk to a salesman to make more enquiry. Fret not. You can always survey around for the aircons in shops and utilize this route only for purchase as the price can really be much more discounted at times, due to the fact that the seller is already saving on the brick and motar rental cost as such the savings may be passed on to the client. In fact, many are already adopting this strategy for other products, so why not the same for aircon? Just make sure you purchased it from reputable seller in Lazada.


We have shared with you the top 3 places in Singapore (with some extras) for aircon purchases covering from east to west of Singapore. This is however only for aircon purchase. For aircon services, you may wish to engage external providers especially when your aircon is out of warranty. Reason being, these stores usually have higher charges for aircon maintenance and most people prefer to engage 3rd party aircon servicing.

Happy shopping and we hope you could find your ideal aircon at the best deal possible!

Do you have any to share? Drop your comments below.


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