5 common mistakes when you service your aircon

5 common mistakes when you service your aircon

November 22, 2018 tips 0


Although its function is quite simple, air conditioners consist of many different and connected parts that depend on several elements to operate adequately. Therefore, a small oversight can have an unwelcome consequence for the whole unit as well as your comfort at home. At least once a season, call the aircon technician to provide general aircon services to avoid any emergent problems that may arise in your air conditioner in the future. In the daily use of our air conditioner we assume that the unit will work eternally and without our supervision when putting it to work, without thinking about maintenance and certain good practices.

Maintenance is necessary to keep your system in optimal operating conditions throughout its lifetime. Over the years, dirt, debris and other foreign substances can accumulate in your system, such as eroding electrical connections and causing expensive repairs. In addition, a build-up of dirt can significantly reduce the efficiency of your equipment. Your device will work harder and your electricity or gas bills will be higher.

Not changing the air filter

The air filter is a very important part of all air conditioners which prevent dirt and dust entering before it distributes air into the room. As is certain to happen, air filters become blocked with an accumulation of dirt as the air conditioner operates.

These oversights generate several problems in the short and long term, such as a strong impact on our family budget, also shortens the life of the appliances and, worst of all, poor management of this type of devices can affect the health and safety of the inhabitants of the house as well as their pets if you have one.


Incorrect placement of Air Conditioning

The placement position of your air conditioner has a great influence on your energy effectiveness. The less the direct sunlight that arrives, the less electricity you’ll need to cool your home.


Running the AC 24/7

It may seem easy to leave the air conditioner running at full volume throughout the day, but doing so is wasting a fair amount of electricity. If the house is going to be empty most of the day, adjust the thermostat before leaving in the morning and switch it on again when you get home.

Do not stop working the air conditioning completely

If your house is going to be empty for a long period of time, do not turn off the air conditioning completely and expect it to run perfectly when you return.


Incorrect thermostat settings

If you get home and you want the air to reach the desired temperature, do not set the thermostat on a lower setting and then operate your air conditioner in an effort to cool down the area sooner. For example, if you feel comfortable at 25 degrees, do not adjust the thermostat to 20, in an effort to get to 25 quickly.

If you avoid these 5 common mistakes when you service your air conditioner, it will not only work out cheaper when it comes to your electricity bill, but your unit will also be more efficient.


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