Aircon Tool (Multi-Meter)

Aircon Tool (Multi-Meter)

January 10, 2019 tips 0



This short article is written to quickly share with you some information on one of the useful tool you can use.

A basic tool that you will need for tracing problems is a regular electrical multi-meter. You could also use an electrical circuit tester to check for power or a continuity tester, but the meter will enable you to do these and more tests. Regarding temperatures, you can tell a lot about what’s working just by touch – often you are just feeling to see if there’s a temperature difference between one place and another, to see if cooling or heating is happening. Obviously you should be careful not to burn yourself, but a quick preliminary touch will usually allow you to make that judgment. It is useful to have an actual measure of temperature sometimes, particularly if trying to explain it to your aircon technician before you engage their aircon services and you can buy dial thermometers specifically for measuring the equipment and air temperatures. Other tools that you’ll need depend on your equipment, and are usually limited to common screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, etc.

Information courtesy from Mike Newberry from the Aircon Repair


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