Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

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The heat in summer can be suffocating. Therefore, almost every single day more homes have air conditioning and many new homes are already equipped with air conditioning to get rid of the warm air around them.

The market offers a wide variety of high quality products and adapts to environmentally friendly consumers, thanks to more energy efficient units. This means that they optimise the relationship between spending and maintaining our home fresh, calm and comfortable.

Buying an energy-efficient room air conditioner is a good start, but it’s also important to use it wisely. The total number of hours using your individual air conditioner can vary considerably depending on how you use it. Features such as timers and “fan only mode” can help reduce the hours of use and also be responsible for a cheaper electricity bill.

When some consumers buy a new A/C, many have the false belief that efficiency is the most vital factor which dictates the cost of energy. This concept is not fully correct. The installation quality is of great significance.

If an air conditioning unit is not installed correctly, it can reduce its operating efficiency by up to 30 percent and almost half of all installations is done incorrectly.

This supposes a large amount of wasted consumption and energy, and a largely avoidable condition only by selecting an expert contractor to properly install our new air conditioner. A wise purchase will save you money for years. In fact, by buying the most energy-efficient model on the market, you can save up to 30 percent.

What’s more, you’ll help protect the environment and the quality of the air we breathe. In fact, the less energy we consume, the less we emit substances related to the production of electricity. These substances do not only comprise of conservatory gases, but also fossil fuel which causes smog as well as rain containing acids. By utilising an energy efficient A/C, you thereby reduce the risk of a voltage drop which is usually generated by extravagant demands.

By considering energy efficiency in your purchasing decisions, you save money while ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for future generations.

Conversely, traditional air conditioners regulate the temperature by using a compressor that is periodically working at full capacity or shutting down completely. The air conditioners which are furnished with an inverter, have a variable frequency control which is integrated with an adjustable electric inverter which controls the motor speed and consequently the cooling power and compressor.

The elimination of the cycles of on and off increases the efficiency and the serviceable lifespan of the elements and assist in eliminating the irregular rising and falling of load in places where the power supply of the air conditioner is. In the end the air conditioner is less likely to have a mechanical failure, offer you a decrease in your electricity bill and peace of mind to the air compressor than the compressor of a standard air conditioner.

If you are looking for an energy efficient air conditioner, you can contact an aircon servicing company near you and find the best offer according to your needs.


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