Easy steps to clean your aircon

Easy steps to clean your aircon

April 14, 2018 tips 0


It is a known fact that many of us are just plain lazy to clean the aircon. We would usually wait till maintenance or repair before we do a full clean up. However, do you know how much dust and bacteria your aircon is collecting? It can really be harmful to your health. We are actually breathing those particles when the aircon is turned on. Granted that most of us cannot feel the difference but if you were to start cleaning the aircon regularly, you will surely notice the difference from the aircon blower, the fresh feeling including the smell. Do not wait only until your next aircon servicing.

To start off, it can be as simple as just cleaning off the filter. Most of the aircon filters are removable and it’s really very easy to remove and wash. Just doing that alone would actually benefit both you and the aircon. Your aircon will have less problems in future such as leaking aircon and this also translate to less maintenance cost. You may also decide to clean the additional parts within the aircon. Check out the video below on how it can be done.



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