Excess Water Leakage from Aircon Drainage Pipe

Excess Water Leakage from Aircon Drainage Pipe

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Have you ever thought that why don’t you call the Aircon as ‘air conditioner’ and not ‘air cooler’? This is because your air conditioner does not only cools the air inside your room. When it is ‘conditioning’ the air it means that it is extracting the humidity from the room along with taking the heat out of it!

If the interior of your home is damp then it will hold more heat energy and then it becomes difficult to cool off the room. Dry air gives a cooler effect to the occupants. Thus, the evaporator coil inside the Aircon condenses the moisture inside a room, but then what happens to this moisture? It has to go somewhere and this is why trunking is most important. The aircon drainage pipe are installed in such way that the condensate water is passed outside the home through them.

How Much Is Enough?

The question that arises now is how much water will be considered as normal output from your aircon machine? In areas that has arid climate with humidity below 50%, the normal output from any residential central air conditioner will be about 5 gallons of water. This water will pass down the drain pipe. The volume of water will increase with increase in humidity in the region. It may be 20 gallons per day in a very humid place.

How Much Is Too Much?

The next question that raises is when is it necessary to get some type of aircon services, especially because the water output is too much. In most residential air conditioners there are two drainage pipes installed. One is the primary condensate pipe that is attached along with the household sewer drain. Another pipe is the secondary one that is placed at some exterior location in order to use while the primary pipe line is clogged.

If there is water flow at the secondary pipeline then it is a sign that there is some overflow at the primary pipeline. Whatever is the reason for this but any water flow from the secondary pipeline needs attention! It’s the right time to call a quality aircon contractor.

Is it possible to clean the drainage pipe?

If you are looking for a cheaper solution then you can try to clean the drain pipe yourself. When there is water flow from secondary pipe or you find any other sign its time that you try out any of the following to clean the drain pipe.

  • One of the simple way to clean the drainage pipe considering there is some block in it you can use vinegar that is found in your kitchen. Vinegar is very good at killing algae and it will take some time to clear the clog.
  • Another way is to use a vacuum cleaner that accept water. Fit the suction pipe properly at the opening of the pipeline and you can suck out the clog.

No doubt you can try these or any other technique but the best solution is to call aircon servicing. They will provide necessary service and clean off the problem.


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