13 Facts You Must Know on Portable Aircon

13 Facts You Must Know on Portable Aircon

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Here are some of the useful information for you to know on portable air conditioner.


EER Rating and How It Relates to Portable Air Conditioners

The Energy Efficiency Ratio is important because it reflects the amount of money spent on energy use. When the EER is high, the AC will be less expensive and more environmentally friendly. Portable air conditioners typically have ratings of 8 to 11. The unit will cost more when the EER is high, but if you need to use it on a consistent basis, the amount of energy you save may be worth it in the long run.


Draining a Portable Air Conditioner

ACs pull water out of the air to enable it to cool the room. In standard ACs, the water is collected in a reservoir that needs to be checked and emptied at regular intervals. A variety of units have other options for draining water out of the portable air conditioner.


Drainage Features Available for AC Units

The self-evaporative feature cools condenser coils and then blows it out through its vent. These models will not collect much water and should not require a person to empty the water. Those living in areas with high humidity may be the exceptions. The continuous drainage feature consists of connecting a drainage hose to the water tank to allow the water to drain automatically.


Portable Air Conditioners and Noise Level

Recent AC models are not noisy. If you are sensitive to noise, find the decibel rating. High decibel ACs are louder. See below to figure the decibel rating of portable air conditioners.


A unit that is as loud as a whisper will have a decibel rating of 20. The average 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner has a rating of 54. A decibel rating of 60 is comparable to conversation.

Comparable to the sound of vacuum cleaner – 80

A rating of 98 is assigned to the noise level of a large orchestra.

The decibel rating of the takeoff of a military jet is 140.


The Air Output Feature

The majority of portable ACs have two or more settings for the airflow, which controls the speed at which the fan is able to blow cool air out of the unit. There are more settings available for controlling the airflow. A number of manufacturers do list the cubic feet per minute (CFM) of their models. The CFM describes the amount of the airflow.


The Air Filtration Feature

Portable air conditioners can remove particles from the air. This raises the quality of air in a room. The majority of homes have lower air quality than the air outside. Most AC manufacturers place an air filter in their air conditioning units. Here are the different filter types you may encounter:

  • Activated Carbon Filters – These take out unpleasant odors.
  • Ionizers – These gather fine particles and stick them together so they can be captured in the filter with more efficiency.
  • HEPA Filters – A HEPA (high efficiency particulate arresting) filter can trap tiny particles with an efficiency rating of nearly 100 percent. These catch pollens, animal hair, dust, and mold.


Types of Portable Air Conditioner Controls

The majority of modern units feature electronic controls and LED displays. This enables you to set and monitor the main components of the AC unit. Most portable air conditioners come with a remote control to let you control it from wherever you are in the room.


Portable Air Conditioners and Temperature

Very hot weather requires a greater range of temperature from a portable AC. The unit you choose should have a range of at least 20 degrees. For better satisfaction with your cooling system, purchase a portable air conditioner that lets you adjust the temperature in small increments.


Timer Features Save Energy

When you set the timer to run at specific times, you are saving energy and this translates into saving money as well. If you need cooler air for sleeping, sleep settings can be set so your AC slows down, but still keeps you cool.


Control Airflow with Louvers You Can Adjust

If your AC unit includes adjustable louvers, you can direct the way in which the air flows. Adjust the direction of air to upward, downward, to the left, or to the right.


A Heater May Be Included with Your Portable AC

An included heater lets you warm up or cool down as you please.


Requirements for Installing and Venting Your Air Conditioner

Your new AC should come with instructions that explain how to install and vent it using an included window kit. Because window sizes do vary, make sure you will be able to use the window kit that comes with your portable air conditioner.


Information from Ben & Nick from the Guide to Portable Aircon Repair.


If you need more information on specific features, feel free to ask and we will be pleased to explain them to you in the comments section. If you wish to browse for a new portable AC, do check out the top 10 portable aircon in Singapore.


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