Water Purifier in Singapore

Top 5 Water Purifier in Singapore

To ensure getting clean and safe drinking water for your family, a water purifier is a must-have product. The sole purpose of a water purifier is to turn normal water into clean water. Having clean water available is an absolute necessity if you want to stay away from water-borne diseases.

Many different purifiers process water differently to remove unwanted particles and provide safe water. Below is a list of 5 water purifiers with different features which come in different pricings. Take a look and see if any of these purifiers can pique your interest.





Get 3 types of water with this one product (cold, warm, and ambient). The Thermoelectric cooling system provides cold water naturally without using any chemical substance. The NanoTrap filter in this purifier removes viruses and bacteria over 99%. It’s very compact in design with no requirement for a tank, place it on any water system and the directly flowing water will be purified instantly. An indication system will let you know when you will need to change the filter. With its user-friendly design, you can easily replace the filter yourself.

The smart panel lets you dispense water of your preferred temperature with a single touch. An alarm is installed that goes off if there is any malfunction detected in the purifier.

Price: S$2000 range

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2) LL300 Water Purifier

2-LL300 Water Purifier

This slim and elegant purifier is dedicated to providing you with safe, clean drinking water in no time. The new edge-round design gives it a modern touch and it saves up your space as well as energy. The purifier is very easy to manage with knobs on the front that lets you adjust the water temperature along with the hot, cold, and on/off buttons.

Enjoy bacteria, chemicals (organic and inorganic), and chlorine-free water with the high-quality ultra-filtration system. It also removes any unwanted odor and taste form the water.

Price: S$1000 range

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3) Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier

3-Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier

This purifier will provide the cleanest water with its 4-stage filtration system. It has two activated coconut carbon filters, a cotton filter, and an RO filter that removes more 99% of bacteria and other organic matters. The cotton filter removes any impure materials from the water and the carbon filters remove unwanted odor and taste. The RO filter removes any harmful microorganisms along with other impurities and prevents the filter from being clogged.

Enjoy a smart water purifying system by connecting the purifier to your smartphone to monitor the water quality in real-time. The stainless steel faucet provided with the purifier makes it more convenient to dispense water in an instant.

Price: S$400 range

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4) Hyflux Spring Digital Water Purifier S218

4-Hyflux Spring Digital Water Purifier S218

This purifier efficiently removes bacteria and retains all the necessary minerals while reducing the chlorine from the tap water. It is very easy to install and since it is a countertop filtration system and comes with a faucet, you can place it by any water supply in the house.

Keep track of daily water usage with the digital monitor and count the flow rate with precision. You can also monitor the capacity which makes it much easier for you to calculate the time when you’d have to replace the filter. All the monitoring facilities ensure zero water wastage and keep you prepared so you can keep the purifier functioning at all times.

Price: S$300 range

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5) Hexagon 8-Stage Water Purifier

5-Hexagon 8-Stage Water Purifier

This purifier comes with an 8-stage filtration system that ensures that the water generated from this has the same level of alkaline as the human body to keep the pH balanced. Each stage works from their places to provide you with the safest drinking water that is free from any chlorine, harmful virus, bacteria, and other contaminants to make the water better tasting.

Get energized water that is broken into smaller molecular clusters for optimal cell adsorption and better metabolism. Improve your health by drinking water from this purifier regularly.

Price: S$200 range

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Water Purifier Maintenance Guide

To keep a water purifier clean and functioning, you need to keep it at its optimum condition. Keep an eye out for when the filter needs to be changed and immediately replace it when the purifier tells you to.

To clean your purifier, turn off the water supply first and depressurize the system. Remove all the filters from the purifier along with the membrane. The housing of those filters can have unwanted particles clogged there as well. Use unscented bleach or other cleaning chemicals that might be recommended by your seller to put into the housing. Scrub the housing clean before putting in the cleaning solution. Then screw the housing on and turn on the water supply to let some water flow out for a while. Check if there are any leaks visible and wait for the tank to be filled to let the bleach solution stay there for at least 30 minutes. Afterward, flush out all the water and let the tank refill to flush out the water again. Repeat this process 2-3 times before turning off the water supply.

Install the previously removed filters and membrane and turn on the water supply. Open your RO faucet to let the purifier run for a few minutes and check for any leaks again. It’s better to let the tank fill for 1-2 times and flushing out the water again before using it for drinking. This step guarantees the absence of residual cleaning products or bleach left in the drinking water. If you notice any leaks in the system, contact the service center and get your purifier checked as soon as possible.

In conclusion, a water purifier ensures safe drinking water for your family and its necessity cannot be measured since safe water is very rare to come by. Unsafe tap water can seriously harm your family and lower immunity. Buy a water purifier today if you don’t have one already. You can choose one from the list we presented if any of them attain to your preference.


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