Water Filter in Singapore

Top 5 Water Filter in Singapore

Water is inevitable for the survival of every living component on the planet. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s essential to use clean water. It’s fairly easy for water to get polluted and it can be harmful to anyone’s health.

It would be better to have a filtration system installed for access to clean water. We made a list of 5 different filters to give you an insight into how these work and so you can ultimately decide on which one to purchase.



1) Hyflux/ELO Living UF Drinking Water Filter System

1-Hyflux-ELO Living UF Drinking Water Filter System

Effectively removes the bacteria and reduces most of the water-residing viruses. No need to boil the water. The carbon-post filter reduces the chlorine 90%, providing a natural taste with a higher level of pH. You will feel more refreshed as the alkaline in the water will reduce the acidity level in the body.

Installation is very easy as no power source is required. The auto shut-off design keeps the machine off while the cartridge is being replaced so you won’t have to do it manually. You can place it almost anywhere as no drain line is needed, which ensures no wastage of water. No need to wait around for your water bottle to fill up with the filter’s high flow rate.

Price: S$1500 range

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2) Tupperware Nano System International NSF WQA Water Filtration System

2-Tupperware Nano System International NSF WQA Water Filtration System

This filter comes with a smart LED panel that will detect whenever the cartridge and the enhancement tank needs to be replaced. The NanoNature enhancement tank has 19 beneficial minerals and increases the alkaline level of water to provide you with refreshing, healthy water. The NanoNature enhanced water provides better-tasting tea, coffee, and other beverages as the water infuses external elements easily. You can also use the water from this filter for cooking and cleaning ingredients for a better and healthier meal.

You can install this filter anywhere you’d like as no electricity is required for its installation and operation. With its compact design, the filter won’t take up too much of your house space.

Price: S$900 range

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3) AmGlow 5-Stage Water Filter System

3-AmGlow 5-Stage Water Filter System

With the 5-stage filtration process, enjoy the purest water possible. The Sediment filter in the first stage removes all the dust and sand particles from the water. In the second stage, the pre-carbon removes chlorine and other similar chemicals while eliminating the presence of any odor. In the third stage comes the post-carbon filter that removes the cloudiness and any residual taste from the previously removed chemicals. In the fourth stage, another post-carbon filter thoroughly removes the rough tastes and odors to provide you with natural tasting water. The fifth and final stage brings the Alkaline-filter that improves the water taste by adding more minerals and brings the pH to an optimum level.

Install this filter on any of your water systems and enjoy the water in its purest and healthiest form.

Price: S$600 range

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4) Korea Water Purification KR2000 Alkaline Water Filter

4-Korea Water Purification KR2000 Alkaline Water Filter

This filter comes with a 6-stage filtration process. The water is free of any bacteria, chlorine or other chemicals. It will provide you with water full of minerals and rich in antioxidants. The filter improves the pH level in the water and therefore, your body so the acidic level goes down and improves your immune system.

No electricity is required for this filter to be installed and it runs silently, so you won’t have to be worried about any disturbance being caused. With its compact design, the filter can be used under any sink, installing direct pipe-in or countertop installation. Get this elegant-looking filter for your house and ensure a better and healthier lifestyle for your family.

Price: S$300 range

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5) Biocera Antioxidant Alkaline Pitcher Water Filter

5-Biocera Antioxidant Alkaline Pitcher Water Filter

This is a pitcher with a filtration system built-in. With the 2 filters inside, turn any tap water into alkaline water that has tons of minerals. The pH in the water is well-balanced which in turn, lowers the acid levels in the body. The filter generates that is rich in hydrogen and tastes better.

The compact design makes it easier to carry it around and the jug-like figure allows you to handle it better. Changing the cartridge is also a piece of cake as you can remove the top part, pull out the old cartridge and put in the new one. Enjoy refreshing water filled with antioxidants at a rather low price.

Price: S$100 range

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Water Filter Maintenance Guide

The main part of a water filter is the cartridge as it is the heart of the machine that cleans your water by taking in all the external elements and chemicals. The cartridge’s nature is to be clogged over time as it cleans the water over and over again. It is your job to replace the cartridge at the right time. Many filters nowadays come with some form of indication that tells you when to change the cartridge. In case of an absence of such an indication system, follow the instruction manual to know the general period each cartridge of your filter lasts for. When it reaches its end, change the cartridge as soon as possible.

To clean your filter, at first, make sure the water is drained completely. Follow the instruction manual to open your filter and detach the cartridge compartments. You can use cleaning products recommended by your manufacturer or unscented bleach to clean your system. Add your cleaning solution to the pre-filter housing and fully open the bypass faucet to let it rinse out properly. You can use your cleaning solution to clean the membrane as well. Once all the parts have been properly cleaned and rinsed off, reassemble everything.

If your filter has a very complicated filtration system and requires a lot of tools to remove the parts, it’s better to call an expert rather than trying to do it yourself as you can damage the system without even realizing it.

In conclusion, having a water filter is an absolute necessity for the welfare of you and your family. Unclean water can deteriorate even the healthiest person’s health in no time. Hopefully, this article provided you with enough information to help in choosing a water filter according to your taste.


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