Water Dispenser in Singapore

Top 5 Water Dispenser in Singapore

A water dispenser is normally connected to the main water line from where it can provide drinking water. Also, water containers can be attached to the dispenser as well so it can adjust the temperature of the water as you need. The purpose of these products is to lessen people’s work and make their lives easier. With a dispenser, you can have water at any temperature you need. There is no need to boil the water or put it in the refrigerator. If your dispenser has a filtration system, then you won’t need a purifier. You can have safe drinking water from the dispenser itself.

There are many dispensers available in the market and it can be tricky to come to a decision. To make this job easier for you, we put together a list of 5 water dispensers so you can take a look and get an idea about how they work.



1) 3M HCD2 Hot Cold Room Temperature Water Dispenser

1-3M HCD2 Hot Cold Room Temperature Water Dispenser

With this energy-saving water dispenser in the house, you won’t have to worry about excessive electricity bills. There is a light sensor in the dispenser which allows it to run in power-saving mode as soon as the lights are out. It removes any unwanted elements from the water that can prove harmful to the human body. It also balances the pH level and removes chlorine taste, making it more natural and refreshing. You can have water that is hot, cold and room temperature from this single dispenser. It has a tank capacity of 8.2 liters with a flow rate of 2 liters per minute.

Price: S$1500 range

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2) LL300 Korea Water Dispenser Hot Cold

2-LL300 Korea Water Dispenser Hot Cold

This water dispenser is elegant in design and easy to operate. It has simple buttons upfront with functions like- power, hot and cold. The water temperature can be adjusted for both hot water and cold water. There is a knob that can make the temperature go lower or higher as you turn it. Right beside it is the “push” button for water dispensing. With its high-powered filtration, no bacteria can be found in the water. Also, any unwanted odor is removed along with the chlorine taste that can be found in most tap water.

Price: S$900 range

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3) Hyflux/ELO Living DEW Water Dispenser D800

3-Hyflux-ELO Living DEW Water Dispenser D800

With its stylish and compact design, this dispenser can be installed almost anywhere in the house. It has a simple control panel where you can dispense hot or cold water with a single touch. You can reheat the water at any time by pressing the red reheat key. There is a child-lock protection mode available as well so kids won’t face any accident by dispensing hot water unknowingly. The dispenser has an eco-mode for lower power consumption so it’s energy-saving. It will also give you a reminder when the filter cartridge needs to be replaced.

Price: S$600 range

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4) Xiaomi VIOMI APP Control 4L Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser

4-Xiaomi VIOMI APP Control 4L Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser

This water dispenser is small and compact than most but just as efficient. You can heat up the water with a single touch and the temperature can be adjusted as you need. You can select normal, lukewarm and boiling water from the modes. It has a reminder that will let you know when it needs cleaning. The space-saving design makes it suitable to put anywhere you want and drink the water of your preferred temperature. You can also take the instant boiling water to make coffee or tea anytime you want.

Price: S$150 range

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5) Toyomi3-5s Water Dispenser 3L FB 6108

5-Toyomi3-5s Water Dispenser 3L FB 6108

This dispenser comes with a simple LCD touch-system control panel. The tank is detachable along with the water storage tray for better cleaning. It has a capacity of 3 liters. It takes up to 5 seconds for the water to boil. Its stainless-steel heating system increases efficiency. If you’re looking for a compact and eco-friendly water dispenser at a lower price, you can check out this one.

Price: S$100 range

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Water Dispenser Maintenance Guide

To continue having drinking water from your chosen dispenser, you need routine cleaning and maintenance. Let’s take a look at how you can clean your water dispenser.

Take a bucket of water to make a solution. You can make it with either white vinegar or bleach. Make sure the bucket has a sturdy handle so you can easily manage the water, otherwise the solution might spill out. It’s advisable for you to wear gloves while preparing the solution. You can add lemon juice with vinegar to get rid of the smell and if you use bleach, try to pick an unscented one.

Make sure your dispenser is unplugged. Remove the top and scrub the inner area with a soft sponge. Then pour the cleaning solution and wait 5-10 minutes. Then drain the solution completely and let the dispenser fill up with normal water. Drain the water into a bucket a few times to make sure no residues can be found from the bleach or vinegar. Use a soft cloth to clean the outer area of the dispenser. Remove the drip tray and scrub underneath. Let it dry before putting the tray back in place. After the dispenser is filled with water, take some into a glass and drink it to make sure no funny taste is left behind. If you can detect any kind of residual taste from the cleaning solution, drain the water again.

Most dispensers that have filter cartridges have a reminder system that tells you when to replace the cartridge. Make sure you replace it as soon as the machine tells you to. If the dispenser starts to act funny, take it for servicing and see if any of the parts need to be changed.

Bottom Line

Many might consider a water dispenser a luxury but we can assure you that it’s a necessity. Once you start using one, you’ll realize. We hope the list above can help you in picking out a water dispenser. Check out the products we listed when you decide to make your purchase.


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