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Top 5 Wardrobe in Singapore

Clothes are one of our basic needs. Whether it’s for our everyday wear or selected occasions, we need clothes that can reflect our style and physique in the best way possible. To avoid making a mess, keep your clothes organized. To do that, you can get a wardrobe which is compact but quite effective furniture to have when it comes to organizing clothes. A wardrobe can actually help store more clothes than it looks like it can. It comes with several drawers and shelves that can help you keep your clothes as organized as possible.

When it comes to picking a wardrobe, you might be confused since there are so many options. That’s why we did a scan ourselves and put together a list of 5 wardrobes below. We included customizable wardrobes as well, so you can get a vast amount of freedom in picking out the kind of wardrobe you need.



1) mLIVING Customizable Modular Wardrobe

1-mLIVING Customizable Modular Wardrobe

Made from 100% plywood, this wardrobe is simple and quite sophisticated in its design. The built is quite sturdy. There are no hinges to oil since the wardrobe has sliding doors. They can slide on either way to reveal the shelves behind. The door has numerous designs carved onto it but, they’re all quite simple. You can customize your design and choose the area you want your mirror to be. Not just that, you can customize the interior outlet, the type of mirror you want, and the textures on both inside and outside. The wardrobe is available in different colors. No matter what color you choose, you get a smooth wood-like finish.

Price: S$750 range

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2) Furniture Empire Customizable Modular Wardrobe

2-Furniture Empire Customizable Modular Wardrobe

With sturdy construction, this wardrobe comes with a few choices for the user. For the outer layer, you can choose two different types of textured finish (dark walnut and grey). You can choose the outlet on the side so you can organize as you wish. The high-quality wooden material makes the wardrobe durable and suitable for long-time use. You can also select whether you want mirrors on the door or not. You can design different color combinations and geometric shapes for the door. The door slides open noiselessly to reveal the interior outlet, no need to pull the doors open.

Price: S$670 range

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3) Furniture Specialist Modular Wardrobe

3-Furniture Specialist Modular Wardrobe

This sliding wardrobe is available in 3 different sizes (5, 6, and 7 feet). There are different colors and texture options for you to choose from, both interior and exterior. With a little extra cost, you can customize the wardrobe as you wish. You can design it have as many drawers or shelves as you need. The construction is durable. The doors slide smooth as butter without making any noise. Also, you can put mirrors on the door if you wish. That way, you won’t need a dressing table to try out your clothes, just the wardrobe will do. 

Price: S$550 range

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4) Homestar Wardrobe

4-Homestar Wardrobe

Available in cherry and walnut wood colors, this wardrobe is over 94 inches long in height. It has multiple doors and drawers on the front with shiny handles that help open them smoothly. Homestar also has a sliding door wardrobe if you think that would be more practical. The plywood construction makes the wardrobe quite durable. You can also add mirrors to the door if you want. The design is simplistic, which makes this wardrobe easy to blend in with any décor that your room might have.

Price: S$350 range

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5) Kenzo Series Wardrobe

5-Kenzo Series Wardrobe

Barley, brown and black- these are the three-color options you get with this wardrobe. It’s available in different sizes as well, so you can pick accordingly. The plywood construction makes the wardrobe have a durable built as well as help maintain a smooth finish. The sliding doors allow you to open and close the wardrobe without disturbing anyone. As for the door, you can select from 2 different designs.

Price: S$250 range

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Wardrobe Maintenance Guide

A wardrobe is not something you buy often. So if you commit to one, make sure you keep it in optimum condition for as long as you can.

A wardrobe is basically where you store your clothes and stuff. So before you clean it, you need to empty the shelves and the drawers. Most of these wardrobes are made of wood. First, you need to take a duster or an old piece of cloth (rag) to roughly clean the wardrobe. You need to remove any dust that might be there.

Then you can take a damp cloth to wipe the inside area. Make sure to wring the cloth as hard as you can so it’s not dripping. Wipe every nook and corners you can reach. You can rewash that cloth and wring it hard before wiping the outside area.

Take a soapy solution and a lint-free cloth to scrub over the wardrobe thoroughly. Then take a clean cloth to give a final wipe. You can use a wood cleaner or a polish to give the wardrobe an extra wipe to make it shine.

Let the wardrobe dry off before you put your stuff back in. Keep your wardrobe as organized as possible. Categorize your clothes to make them more convenient to pick. You can categorize based on material, color, season, occasion, etc.

If your wardrobe is organized, you can save a lot of time picking out a dress or when you need to pack your bag for a holiday. Use duster every on the outer area of your wardrobe so no layer of dust can collect. Conduct the thorough cleaning session mentioned above at least once a month.

Final Thoughts

We tried to highlight the key features of each of these wardrobes so you can decide easily. Don’t forget to check them out when you go out to shop, and one of these wardrobes might end up landing in your house.


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