Vacuum Cleaner in Singapore

Top 5 Vacuum Cleaner in Singapore

In this generation of fast-paced technology, cleaning your house requires professional help for your convenience because your home should be the one place where you can live in peace. The house should be a place where, every time you enter through the front door, you should be able to breathe a sense of relief and comfort.  There’s really many ways you can upkeep your house environment ranging from aircon servicing to keep you aircon air clean and fresh always, wiping away the dust around your furniture and keeping your floor spick and span. The latter is where vacuum cleaner may come in very handy. For several decades since its inception, vacuum cleaners have functioned as a primary tool to cleanse this abode. Whether it’s a smart device, a bag-less feature, or an air quality assurance feature, you have the complete liberty to decide which vacuum cleaner suits you best by selecting the features that meets your needs.

So, here are the products that demand your attention:


1) Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

You would never expect a product of this magnitude to exist! The technology on it is truly well-built, as it is equipped with a high capacity nickel-cobalt aluminum cathode that is 20% more powerful than its predecessor. While most vacuums operate on a single functioning mode, this one has three! It has an Auto mode – Intelligently determine various floor types (battery efficient), an Eco mode – Up to an hour of constant cleaning, depending on floor type, and finally a Boost mode – Fully utilizes the device’s suction power for maximum dust collection. With a good charging dock and easy emptying, this product is definitely an ideal investment.

Price: S$900 range

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2) Dyson V10 Absolute Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V10 Absolute Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner

Portable, fast, and complete with a sleek design, this vacuum cleaner will surely make your home look picture perfect. This device is powered by a powerful digital motor that has a good configuration to filter dusted areas entirely. It is acoustically engineered to keep sound levels down, and equipped with a 60 minute powerful suction time. It has a built-in brush which can dust off those high to reach areas, as well as a small suction tank to reach corners. All that and a cool docking station to charge! Hence, even though this vacuum cleaner is quite expensive, without a doubt you will surely receive the best value for money when you purchase it.

Price: S$600 range

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3) Xiaomi Robot Vacuum 2 – MiJia Roborock

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum 2 – MiJia Roborock

Every working individual faces a challenge to keep their house tidy, especially when guests are over. This device can be paired with your smartphone and operate as an automatic cleaner. Now, your guests can relax at your cozy home without catching any dirty spots or eerie stench! An impressive tool that measures at 13.77 inches in width and 13.9 in length has mops built inside and a dust filter that can be reused. Equipped with a strong 2000Pa suction power, it will clean your house whenever you operate it and halt at any restrictions. It has a long-running time of 2.5 hours, during which, it can dust and mop at the same time.

Price: S$400 range

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4) Chifu 360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Chifu 360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you own a pet that sheds a lot, and so you are in dire need of assistance with cleaning your home, then don’t hesitate to consider this product! Arriving at a powerful 2000Pa battery, this device will surely manage to mop and clean without missing a spot. The AI on the Chifu 360 S7 has remarkable integrity. The machine has awards under its name with Korea’s Customer Satisfaction Award and Bull Ear Award for the best AI application. If that doesn’t impress you, then know that this vacuum cleaner can accurately map your entire house, restrict unwanted cleaning areas, and finally be used from the voice control applications of Tmall Wizard and Alexa!

Price: S$300 range

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5) Xiaomi Dreame V10 Battery Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi Dreame V10 Battery Vacuum Cleaner

The smartphone’s giant subsidiary ‘Dreame’ markets this amazing and easily configurable device which will speed up your cleaning process. This product strikes as a very good competitor with other vacuum giants like Dyson.

When compared to its predecessor the V9, the V10 has an improved suction power from 20,000 pa to 22,000 pa. And that’s not all it also has a better noise suppressor mechanism! These Chinese brands are well known to create revolutionary products at a very affordable price, and which also bodes well on online platforms which are evident in its high sales count and good customer feedback. 

Price: S$200 range

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Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance Guide

Just like any of your home appliances be it a a fan, portable aircon or air cooler, vacuum cleaners will require periodic maintenance as well. Vacuum cleaners have truly developed from standard machinery over the years. If you are still using one that has a bag attached, then it is strongly advisable to clean it regularly.

Since there are cleaners that can be controlled via your smartphone, updating the software on your phone might prevent any malfunction from occurring.

There are several helpful articles online, which can guide a customer to choose the right vacuum for their home; picking a good distributor, and understanding the specifications is important for maintaining the product later. Many cleaners can be set as an auto-working machine. It is wise to configure the settings for full optimization of the AI instead of overusing the mechanics, which can lead to overheating.

Robot Vacuum cleaners are revolutionary and, if you choose to invest in one, then your home will be spotless, but its maintenance is crucial. While cleaning a large quantity of dust, it might be difficult for the device to completely cleanse the area. Thus, it could lead to dust being trapped onto the wheels.

The robot vacuum has a very strong but sensitive sensor, which might be damaged or clogged if proper care is not taken to clean it. It is important to clean the other areas of the machine to avoid disruption. When you apply controls on the device from your phone to avoid certain areas, the sensor, which is in charge of that function, will be unable to register images and a location since the vacuum’s vision is filled with dust. So, it should be cleaned properly and safely using rubber gloves.

Cleaning the dust filter and garbage container is mandatory; it is best not to disregard these tasks. When cleaning any area filled with electric wires, it is best to use dry cloth, and avoid water completely. You may also need tools to clear out materials that are more resistant. Therefore, use a scissor for the brush hair if they are tangled.

To sum it up, this article should help you choose your product according to your requirement and guarantee a clean investment.


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