TV Console in Singapore

Top 5 TV Console in Singapore

As technology is progressing every day, things are becoming more compact and lightweight. The very first phone was really heavy and couldn’t be handled with one hand. Now we have slim smartphones and tiny flip phones that can fit in our palms. Television is the same, it was quite bulky in the beginning. There was a time when a TV had to be protected by a wooden casing or box-like console. That’s where the idea of a TV console came from. The design and purpose might have changed, but the base idea is the same. You can also consider a TV console a piece of furniture to add in your room.

You might be confused about which console to choose. We have a list of 5 TV consoles, all of them gorgeous and capable of enhancing the beauty of any household. Take a look.



1) Agoramart Premium Wooden Furniture TV Console

1-Agoramart Premium Wooden Furniture TV Console

Adjustable at its best, decorate your house with this premium console from Agoramart. The outer frame can be extended to make the inside more spacious. There are multiple drawers on the front where you can neatly organize your stuff. You have a wide variety of colors available. All the designs are pretty exquisite. Any of the consoles can enhance the beauty of any house. Made from particleboard, the TV console is quite durable. It has a shiny finish, no matter which color you pick. The console length can be adjusted so it can go with a TV of any size.

Price: S$550 range

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2) Simply Oak Furniture TV Cabinet / TV Console / TV Rack

2-Simply Oak Furniture TV Cabinet - TV Console - TV Rack

The design is as simple as they come. This TV console has an oak finish which oozes simplicity as well as class. It can easily blend with any décor. The surface is scratch-resistance and smooth to the touch. It’s easier to clean as well. The shelf height inside can be altered to match your preferences. The doors at the bottom have soft hinges that work noiselessly. You can choose from different color options. There are rubber stoppers on the feet of the console to prevent the floor from being scratched up. The Scandinavian inspired design can catch the eyes of anyone.  

Price: S$150 range

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3) LCF Furniture Store TV Rack/Console

3-LCF Furniture Store TV Rack-Console

Made from high-quality materials, the console is durable and long-lasting. The square-sized shelves at the bottom can be used to put books, small flower pots or other decorative items. The design is kept very simple, with a clean finish. The light oak color is not too flashy, which means it can easily blend with any interior décor. There are rubber stoppers on the feet of the console to prevent any scratches on the floor. You can choose from two different size options.

Price: S$130 range

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4) Agoramart Simple Modern Length Adjustable TV Console

4-Agoramart Simple Modern Length Adjustable TV Console

The console might feel a little heavy, but it’s only because of the strong construction. The console is made from particleboard, available in different colors. The length can be adjusted to make the console more spacious. The legs of the console are made from solid wood which only adds to the durability. The surface is buttery smooth which makes it easier to clean off in case you spill a drink. All of the color options are quite simple but exquisite. This TV console from Agoramart can be a perfect choice for any modern and traditional house.

Price: S$100 range

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5) INNDESiGN TV Rack/ TV Cabinet/ TV Console

5-INNDESiGN TV Rack - TV Cabinet - TV Console

Decorate the room in your way with this simple and modern console. It’s available in 2 and 3 tiers, you can pick either. The finish is smooth, and the dark color is suitable for any décor. There are roller wheels at the bottom which makes the console easy to move around. But you can lock them in place when needed. The compressed wood construction is pretty solid. The doors at the front are made from glass which keeps any dust from entering the bottom shelves.

Price: S$80 range

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TV Console Maintenance Guide

No matter how clean often you clean your house, every piece of furniture needs to be cleaned separately for the best results. You can vacuum all you want; a thin layer of dust can be seen collecting on your furniture after two days.

To keep your TV console clean and maintained for a long time, you need to focus on the material first. If the construction is of wood, avoid using water as much as possible. Just wipe the surface with a dry cloth every day. For thorough cleaning, you can use some mild cleaning solution. You can also use some burnish to give a final touch. Burnish makes wood seem new and adds shine.

No matter what the material is, you can follow some general cleaning steps. First, clear out the TV console. Take everything out and if any of the parts are detachable, take it apart. Use a duster for an initial cleaning. Then take a microfiber cloth and give an overall wipe. This will get rid of the layer of dust that normally collects on every surface.

After that, you can use some mild disinfecting solution with some a cotton cloth to scrub over the console. You can make a solution at home by mixing some water with white vinegar. You can add some lemon for added effect. Avoid using any harsh cleaning products as it can damage the surface of your console beyond recovery. After you’re done wiping with the solution, take a clean and dry microfiber cloth to give a final wipe.

Make sure you wipe every nook and corners, not just the surface. Let the console dry off before you put everything back together. If there are any doors or hinges on the console, you can add some vegetable oil or normal machine oil to keep them from rusting.

Final Thoughts

The list is intended to highlight the key features of these listed products so you can get a clear idea. We hope one of these consoles will make it to your house and add to its beauty.


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