Television (Smart TV, LED TV) in Singapore

Top 5 Television in Singapore

The television was first introduced in the market in the early twentieth century and has been an inevitable source of entertainment since then. It would not be exaggerating to call this the invention of the century. It is hard to find a household where you would not find a TV, be it old fashioned black and white or a modern smart TV and even a LED one. Even in this era of technology where you can stream all your favorite shows in your smartphone, Television has gracefully held its charm like before. But like other important inventions of the century, television has been evolved and upgraded multiple times. If you are planning to buy one it would be smart of you to get a smart TV  that can make your life easy in more ways than you can think of! Below are some of the top TV’S that you should check out.



1) Samsung UA49J5250 Full HD Smart LED TV 

1-Samsung UA49J5250 Full HD Smart LED TV

Watching TV will never be the same anymore if you buy one of these. It will provide you with a theatre experience like in-home to a greater extent and it’s unlike any experience you have ever had before. With a whopping 97% score in consumer satisfaction, this TV has been recommended by almost all of the consumers. It features a 1080 Full HD display and wide color enhancer plus that will provide you with a high definition experience while watching your favorite shows. 

Price: S$700 range

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2) Mi TV UHD 43″

2-Mi TV UHD 43

Mi TV claims this to be the smartest TV you can find in the market. The TV comes with 8 W powerful stereo speakers and a 64-bit Quad-core processor. It has a built-in Google voice search system that will help you find answers and discover a broad range of contents. The screen-mirroring option will allow you to stream and binge your favorite Netflix shows on the big screen. Besides all of these, multiple connectivity options and google services have made this TV irresistible to buy. 

Price: S$600 range

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To make your entertainment time more delightful this TV has a USB plugging system for multimedia playback. You can connect any multimedia device of your choice to the USB and browse all your media files onscreen. The Pixel Plus HD will bring you joy with top-notch picture quality. But what stands out of all is the “app gallery” consisting of multiple apps that you can access on your TV by connecting it to the internet. 

Price: S$500 range

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This TV features a dynamic color enhancer and a Quad-core processor to create full HD lifelike pictures. The DTS virtual and Dolby Audio will add a new dimension to the sound. It has active HDR formula that optimizes every scene and provides you with flawless and delicate images that are rich in colors. The dynamic scene-by-scene adjustment technology and multi-dimensional audio will help you have a theatre-like experience at home.

Price: S$400 range

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5) Samsung UA32N4000 HD READY LED TV

5-Samsung UA32N4000 HD READY LED TV

The high definition image and wide color enhancer will compel you to never go back to the standard resolution TVs. The Pixel simulation formula will provide you with a crystal-clear view that is easy on your eyes. You can also plug in your USB stick to browse your files from multimedia devices easily regardless of their formats.

Price: S$300 range

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Television Maintenance Guide

High quality and well-maintained television will last for umpteen years. So, make sure to pick one that matches your demands and comes with a years-long warranty card. When it comes to maintaining your TV, cleaning it from time to time should be your priority. Always use a gentle muslin fabric while wiping your TV. Dust can be the heinous enemy to deteriorate the health of your television. So, make sure it is dust-free. You can find artsy and beautiful TV covers according to the model and size of your TV. You can buy one or make one by yourself to cover your TV up when you are not using it. 

Use a high-quality voltage regulator as the cheap one will bring no good rather cause harm to your TV. The damage a cheap voltage causes will make you splurge hundreds of bucks to repair your TV back to normal. You can have a surge protector instead of a voltage to save both electric power and money. 

Also, don’t forget to turn off your TV when you are done watching your favorite programs. Remember one thing, your TV needs to breathe too! So, give it a little break after every two or three consecutive hours of watching. Using a remote would be the best choice when it comes to turning it off. Do not close it from your regulator switch to prevent yourself from unnecessary repair spending!

Putting brightness, sharpness, and contrast level to the maximum can decrease the health of your TV. Not to mention it will cause you eye strain and can lead to other severe eye problems. So, keeping these at an optimal and moderate level will put your eyes and also TV at ease! Another thing that you need to keep in your consideration is the temperature of the room. All the tech-savvies seem to agree that low temperatures can significantly reduce the lifespan of a TV. So, turn your fan on instead of air condition when you are watching TV and don’t forget to cover it up when you turn on your AC.

For annual maintenance and even minor repayments seek help from experienced professionals. Also, don’t forget to read the manual book that came with your TV as it will assist you to know more about the maintenance. 

In conclusion, television is one of the main sources of entertainment in our daily lives after coming home after a tiring day. I hope the top 5 televisions mentioned above will help you choose one for yourself.


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