Swing Chair in Singapore

Top 5 Swing Chair in Singapore

A swing is one of the most favorite things for a kid to play with when they’re in the playground. As an adult, bring out the kid inside of you and have a swing chair instead of a regular one. You can rest as well as have a little fun by rocking the swing a bit. There are different shapes and designs of swing chairs available. If you’re confused about which one to go for, we have made things a bit easier for you. Below you’ll find a list of 5 of the best swing chairs in the market, give it a read. 



1) Olivette Handwoven Premium Rattan Swing Chair

1-Olivette Handwoven Premium Rattan Swing Chair

An exquisite cage-like design adds to the style of any décor. You can set up this chair both indoor and outdoor. It has plush cushions along with a headrest for optimum comfort. The cushions are available in different colors from where you can choose your preferred one. The swing is made from quality polyethylene rattan which is eco-friendly. The strong construction makes the swing more durable. It’s resistant to water and harmful UV rays. The frame of the swing chair is coated with epoxy-powder which makes them corrosion-resistant. The entire structure is thick and strong. You can expect a long-lasting service from this one.

Price: S$400 range

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2) Home and Style Cocoon Swing Chair

2-Home and Style Cocoon Swing Chair

A perfect blend of quality and style, this swing is made from black hand-woven polyethylene rattan. The beautiful cocoon is held up by a very sturdy hook. The swing chair comes with cushions to make you feel more comfortable. You can choose from different color options for the cushions and pick out the one you find most appealing. The cushions are made from polyester fabric and are water-resistant. So if you accidentally spill a drink, no need to worry. The main construction of the swing chair is of steel. It makes the entire thing more durable and stable. You can set it up on the balcony, living room, garden-anywhere you wish.

Price: S$350 range

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3) iNNDESIGN Balcony Outdoor Furniture / Swing Chair

3-iNNDESIGN Balcony Outdoor Furniture - Swing Chair

The beautiful half-cage shape adds a distinct style no matter where you put the swing chair. It can be a perfect area to leisurely lounge around. You can keep it both indoors and outdoors. The main frame is made from quality steel and aluminum which prevents rusting. The cocoon of the swing is made from polyethylene rattan which is hand-woven. It’s not just for extra style, the rattan material is more practical since it’s easy to clean. You get a number of color options when picking out the soft cushions to go with the chair. The cushions are made from waterproof polyester. The cushions are easily removable and can be washed separately.

Price: S$300 range

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4) Homestar Balcony Swing Chair

4-Homestar Balcony Swing Chair

You get a few different options in the swing shape and the cushion colors for this one. Pick out the one you love the most. The pole is very sturdy and durable since it will hold up the swing and the person sitting on it. The hook and pole are made from quality metal which ensures long-lasting service. The body of the cocoon is made from hand-woven rattan material which has proven to be more durable. To add to the swing’s style, you can pick different colored carpets to put under the swing.

Price: S$200 range

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5) Svänga Swing Chair

5-Svänga Swing Chair

A simpler design and construction than most, this swing is square-shaped and has poles on either side to hold it up. The frame of the poles is made from alloy steel that has 4 layers of workmanship for better durability. The seat itself is made from solid wood with soft covers on the outside for comfort. You can choose from different colored covers to match your taste. The cover is made from breathable and durable oxford cloth that ensures extreme comfort. The cloth-covered wooden seat is held up by several strings on two sides. The strong frame and structure can hold up to 100 kgs of weight.

Price: S$50 range

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Swing Chair Maintenance

Considering a chair swing comes in contact with your skin, you have to take care good of it. It can provide you with optimum comfort as long as it’s in its utmost condition. Now let’s dive into the cleaning and maintenance process to ensure a long lifespan for your swing chair.

Since the swing touches your skin, you need to make sure it’s bacteria-free all the time. You can use a mild soapy water solution or baking soda to clean up the swing. But avoid using any harsh chemicals as it can leave residues that can be harmful to your skin.

Many swings come with cushions and removable seat covers. If yours do too, then remove the cover first and wash it separately. Follow the label to see if it can be put in the washing machine. Wash the cover and leave it out to air dry completely. Clean the cushion by following the instruction manual as not to damage it in any way. Different materials require a different approach. Leave the cushions and its covers out to air dry completely. Avoid outing them in the dryer.

Now take your cleaning solution to scrub over the swing. Take a soft microfiber cloth or a sponge to scrub over the swing. Make sure you don’t leave out any part that you can reach. Check the hooks and chains for any sign of damage. After you’re done scrubbing the swing, take a damp cloth and clean the residues. Make sure everything is dry before you put them all back together. To keep the hooks and chains that hold up the swing, apply some engine oil once in a while.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the list was enough to provide you the necessary information about these swing chairs. Make sure to check out the products listed above when you decide to make your purchase.


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