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Top 5 Stove in Singapore

Food is a must for any living being. Humans and animals alike need food to survive but humans are very different when it comes to the process of preparing food. We like to experiment with our food to make it more delicious and distinct. From the earliest days, humans have discovered the wonder of cooking and how it can turn a simple ingredient into something amazing. Cooking is not just a necessity nowadays; many have accepted this line as a career choice or a hobby. Either way, a little cooking every now and then can prove beneficial. You might end up inventing an extraordinary dish!

Every household needs a kitchen and every kitchen needs a stove. It’s one of the most common and basic appliances to have. You can always upgrade or change your stove to experience something new. A stove is also one of the first things to buy for someone who moved into a new house. Take a look at this list of 5 stoves to find your ideal one.



1) TECNO Cooker Hob / Gas Table / Stove / T 333TG / T 333TGSV

1-TECNO Cooker Hob - Gas Table - Stove - T 333TG - T 333TGSV

This stove is available in different colors and comes with such an elegant design that can make any kitchen look sophisticated. It has high-strength aluminum alloy along with burner cps made of brass. The smooth glass top is pretty solid and makes it easier for you to clean and keep it shiny. The heavy-duty iron pan comes with an enamel coating to make the stove more effective. The ignition is operated by battery and the knobs are smooth to the touch.

Price: S$500 range

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2) Double Stove Desktop Induction Cooker/A468

2-Double Stove Desktop Induction Cooker-A468

An induction cooker is different from the conventional stoves since those normally require gas to function whereas an induction can run on electricity. This induction stove has a ceramic surface that is suitable for any type of cookware. It doesn’t emit any radiation so you won’t have to worry about the safety of your family. It’s waterproof as well so you can spill a little water while cooking without sweating about it being malfunctioned. The beautiful black panel has an LED indicator that shows the stove temperature along with the different cooking options so you can easily choose your required one with a single touch.

Price: S$300 range

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3. Concave Induction Cooker Stove

3-Concave Induction Cooker Stove

This third-generation stove comes with a super large equalizing heating burner. The large coil provides uniform heating and strong firepower so that the heat can evenly spread through every single ingredient, increasing the taste. Enjoy safe cooking and safe food with zero radiation from the induction. It has a display panel which makes it easier for you to choose from 5 different power options and monitor the cooking temperature. You can easily control the temperature with the simple rotary switch at the bottom. The double-fan heat dissipation technology along with the exhaust vent on the side can reduce high heat effectively. 

Price: S$100 range

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4) Iwatani Cassette Burner BO-EX Portable Butane Stove

4-Iwatani Cassette Burner BO-EX Portable Butane Stove

This burner stove comes with its own carrying case and is portable so if you want an outdoor picnic, you can set up a temporary cooking station in no time. The double windbreaker on the stove ensures that the flame won’t be affected by any wind when it’s outside of the indoor air-conditioning. The solid brass burner provides steady and optimum heat, perfect for cooking any dish you want. Even if you need a fuel can, it’s absolutely safe since the magnet on the stove effectively locks the fuel can in place so the fuel doesn’t get loaded in the wrong way.

Price: S$80 range

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5) Aerogaz Goldenfuji Portable Gas Stove

5-Aerogaz Goldenfuji Portable Gas Stove

This simple and portable gas stove is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cooking. It has automatic ignition and comes with a carrying case for easy handling. The quality burner ensures strong and steady flames so you can enjoy cooking your preferable dish in your house or an outing. A black knob on the bottom indicates the intensity of the flames to adjust the temperature as needed. You can gas cartridge to run the stove and these cartridge canisters are easy to carry around as well.

Price: S$50 range

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Stove Maintenance Guide

Keeping your stove in the utmost condition can only prove to be beneficial in the long run. Just make sure you clean it regularly and check for any damaged parts since the slightest malfunction can result in a big accident. So replace any damaged parts if necessary.

If you have a chimney in the kitchen, keep it cleaned as well as your stove since they are connected to each other in a way. Sweep your chimney from time to time. Use a lint-free cloth or a soft brush to clean the outer area of your stove almost every day. It will keep the surface clean and smooth. You can use a small wire brush or a vacuum to clean the internal part of your stove. Taking apart a stove can be quite risky since misplacing any small parts can result in gas or fuel being leaked which can lead to dangerous outcomes. So if you do need to conduct a thorough cleaning, it’s better to follow the user manual front to back or consult the help of an expert, which is the best choice. You can make sure the visible parts remain clean and well-functioning.

Bottom Line

Preparing a delicious meal for yourself and your loved ones can ignite a very satisfying feeling. Having a quality stove can make the whole experience of cooking better. Several appliances can be used to prepare different kinds of dishes, but a stove is a universal appliance that can be used to cook almost any dish imaginable. Even if you’re not into the idea of cooking, having a stove is a must for any household. Hopefully, you can find one from our list above and make your purchase when you go stove shopping.


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