Steam Mop in Singapore

Top 5 Steam Mop in Singapore

When it comes to cleaning, steam mops are considered to be superior to regular mops. With regular mops, one needs bleach or similar disinfecting products to ensure proper cleaning. On the other hand, steam mops turn the water from the reservoir into steam and then uses that steam to heat up the mop and do the cleaning. It has a microfiber pad underneath that can trap dirt. So, it is very clear which mop is healthier to use in your daily household cleaning.

For the best cleaning experience, it is important that you choose a steam mop that can fulfill all your needs. Among the numerous steam mops out there, we have picked out 5 which we think might fall under the category of what you are looking for. Ready to buy steam mop? Here are the best steam mop in Singapore!



1) Tefal VP6535KO steam cleaner Stick type Wired Steam Mop

1-Tefal VP6535KO steam cleaner Stick type Wired Steam Mop

This steam mop is a modern mop and has a more effective way for you to clean your house. The three-adjustment mode lets you switch to the cleaning process according to the floor surface. It takes 30 seconds to warm up with its instant preheating system.

You can use this mop to continuously clean your house for almost half an hour. It is easy to remove the steam-generating pad with a single touch. This light-weight and easy to use mop can be your companion in your daily household cleaning.

Price: S$500 range

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2) Leifheit L11913 Clean Tenso Handheld Portable Steam Mop Cleaner

2-Leifheit L11913 Clean Tenso Handheld Portable Steam Mop Cleaner

For a well-sanitized cleaning of your house, Leifheit steam mop can be your ideal choice. It can kill up to 99.99% of the germs residing in your house surface. It has:

  • Adjustable steam options to ensure optimum cleaning experience depending on the type of floor
  • Six sets of nozzles that are present to give an even distribution of steam while cleaning
  • Included carpet gliders that can clean your carpets as well
  • An extra-large tank that provides you with a continuous cleaning time of almost 40 minutes
  • Better grip on absorbing dirt with its microfiber pad

For a hygienic cleaning without any chemical products that can be harmful, this mop is your go-to cleaning assistant in your household.

Price: S$400 range

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3) Black and Decker 6-in-1 Floor Extension Steam-mop FSMH1300FX Gen

3-Black and Decker 6-in-1 Floor Extension Steam-mop FSMH1300FX Gen

This multi-purpose steam mop comes with six different extensions to help you cover the maximum surface to clean. It takes only 15 seconds for the water to heat up with a tank capacity to use for 20 minutes at a time.

You can use normal tap water to fill up the tank. Microfiber pad is present that can easily pick up the dirt and germs. Its main attraction is the six extensions that let you clean not just the floors, but also mirrors, steel surface, shower walls, carpets, and the couch, and also the kitchen surface. So, if you are looking for an all-in-one cleaning package, this is the mop for you.

Price: S$300 range

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4) HAAN Steam Mop Floor cleaner XST-100 steamer quick pre-heat 40

4-HAAN Steam Mop Floor cleaner XST-100 steamer quick pre-heat 40

This slim and fast steam mop is easy to use with a single touch button. It has a preheat technology that takes 40 seconds to heat up. Lighter than most conventional steam mops, so your cleaning is more comfortable.

The sanitary bucket is detachable and water capacity allows you to clean for a long time. The adjustable water pressure system is available to provide the best results according to the surface. It has not one but two microfiber pads. If you are looking for a sleek and modern looking mop for your daily cleaning, you may want to check it out.

Price: S$200 range

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5) Xiaomi Deerma Vacuum Steam Cleaner household steam mop sterilization sweeper

5-Xiaomi Deerma Vacuum Steam Cleaner household steam mop sterilization sweeper

This steam mop provides effective cleaning with a high-temperature setting of 150° C. Quick 20 seconds of the preheating system reduces your cleaning time. But a tank capacity of 11 minutes might cause you to refill the bucket more often.

Five sets of brushes let you clean all the surfaces of your home, including higher surfaces with its extension cord. So, if you are looking for an ideal way of cleaning your house at a moderate price, do not forget to check this one out.

Price: S$100 range

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Bonus (Additional):

Though we have covered the top 5, here are the bonus we would like to share with you.




This steam mop can be considered for all sorts of households. It gets ready to use in just 20 seconds, so you can go through your cleaning process faster. It can kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria without any type of chemicals and is ideal for use on any sealed surface. The mop head can be steered at 180°, making it easier for you to reach tight spots. It has a 5m cable so that you can cover a good area.

A 350ml water tank is equipped which is removable, so you can easily refill as much as you need. You can use normal tap water as there is a built-in filtering system to ensure the mop does not bear any limescale. The microfiber pad glides over the surface very smoothly, and it is guaranteed to last for over 100 cleanings. The steam evaporates in seconds, leaving your floor clean and dry.

Price: S$120 range

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7) Deerma ZQ600/610 Home Steam Cleaner Household Mop

7-Deerma ZQ600-610 Home Steam Cleaner Household Mop

Cleaning the house can be pretty time-consuming if you follow the traditional method of cleaning with buckets and mops. But, with this steam mop you can clean not only the floors but also your carpets, curtains, glass surfaces, little corners and you can even iron clothes! There are 5 interchangeable heads to help you clean the various parts of your house.

You have a mop head for basic cleaning, a scouring pad for cleaning little spots, a glass cleaning head, a clothes iron head and a brush head with which you can even clean toilet seats. The mop generates steam at more than 150° Celsius which ensures sanitation. It takes about 20 seconds for the mop to heat up and it has a water tank with 230ml capacity. So, if you’re looking for a mop to help you clean not just the floor, but the entire house with this single appliance, this is the product for you.

Price: S$100 range

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8) Shoppy S1000 5 in 1 Steam Mop

8-Shoppy S1000 5 in 1 Steam Mop

Considering you’re looking for a rather cheap way to keep your family and household clean and safe, Shoppy steam mop can serve your purpose like a pro. You can clean all types of floor surfaces, carpets and glass as well. Its combination of high steam and mist removes stubborn stains and bacteria, effectively sterilizing the undergoing cleaning portion. 

The automatic shut-off technology turns the mop off when the tank is empty or if it’s kept static for more than 15 seconds, which reduces energy consumption. This steam mop is one of the cheapest and highly efficient products in the market, so it would be advisable for you to check it out before deciding on a purchase.

Price: S$50 range

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Maintenance Guide for Steam Mops

It is important to clean the machine that you use for cleaning. To maintain maximum functionality, you need to adapt to the habit of cleaning your steam mop regularly. Check if any parts require replacement from being used. The cloths used for cleaning along with the steam mop should be cleaned regularly as well. Avoid using products like fabric softener as they may contain chemicals and the purpose of using a steam mop is to reduce the use of chemicals for your daily cleaning.

Wipe the outer surface of the mop to get rid of any debris or dirt that may get stuck there. Also, remember to take out the water tank and clean it as well. Before putting it in place, be sure to air-dry the tank. If the tank is rather large, use the drain plug to clear it out and do not forget to remove and clean the plug as well. Do not start cleaning right after unplugging the mop as it can be too hot to touch. Wait for it to cool down and then proceed with the cleaning. Follow these instructions every time you clean your steam mop and it should easily provide you with more than enough time of service.

To sum it up, maintaining hygiene should of utmost importance to every living soul. To conduct your daily cleaning activities without the use of any chemicals, use a steam mop. After getting a general idea from this list, surf the market and grab one that suits you the best.


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