Sound Bar in Singapore

Top 5 Sound Bar in Singapore

Whether you listen to music or watch any content, a soundbar can be used for both. It’s so similar to the speaker but also different. Most soundbars are compact and portable. They take up less space and manage to provide excellent sound. Bluetooth soundbars are even more demanding since they need no cable to be connected so you can put them almost anywhere you want. Many soundbars are capable of producing high-quality surrounding audio that makes you feel like you’re in a theatre.

Still, coming to a decision can be quite tricky since there are so many products in the market. We put together a list of 5 soundbars from different brands and price ranges. Feel free to take a thorough look and see if any of these products look enticing enough.





Whether you’re listening to music or watching a movie, this soundbar from Yamaha ensures supreme clarity so you can understand every single word clearly. With its Dolby-atmos system, it successfully produces 3D sound effects that enhance the listening experience tenfold. The built-in subwoofer unit delivers maximum bass so you can enjoy your music correctly. The soundbar is easy to connect with any smart device via Bluetooth. So you can join it with your TV, smartphone or tablet and enjoy listening to your favorite songs or watch a movie with 3D sound quality. You can also control it with a remote. The soundbar is compact, but you can go for further space-saving with its wall-mounting tools.

Price: S$500 range

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2) SHARP Sound Bar HT-SB110

2-SHARP Sound Bar HT-SB110

The metal grill finish makes the soundbar seem stylish and extra-modern. Also, it’s wall-mountable so you can save a lot of space. It supports up to 4.2 Bluetooth connectivity, so no hassle with cables is needed, but there is 3.5mm jack in case you need to connect it via cable. It has different sound modes like music, movie and news which adjust the settings according to what you watch or listen to. It comes with remote control for easy management and the LED indicators tell you the exact state the soundbar is in.

Price: S$300 range

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3) Panasonic Soundbar SC-HTB8

3-Panasonic Soundbar SC-HTB8

The stylish simple design makes this soundbar suitable for any decorum. With its multi-angle sound output and superior clarity in sound, you’ll get a cinematic experience while watching any content. It’s very easy to manage and can be mounted on the wall, so no space is wasted. It supports Bluetooth and can also be connected with any compatible device with the Panasonic music app. You can also use USB to plug the soundbar in and control it with the remote control provided along. If you want your TV connected to the soundbar, it’s recommended to be used on TVs from 32 to 49 inches for the best experience. 

Price: S$150 range

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4) Xiaomi Bluetooth Sound Bar

4-Xiaomi Bluetooth Sound Bar

The simple design makes the soundbar perfect for any household. It has several connectivity options, including Bluetooth so you can connect any of your devices and enjoy high-quality music. The eight sound units provide a loud and unmistakable sound that ensures a cinema effect for whatever you watch or listen to. It’s very lightweight and can be mounted on the wall. There is a little indicator that tells you when the soundbar is ready to use. You can connect this soundbar to your PlayStation and enjoy surrounding sound effects which will make your gaming experience come to life.

Price: S$100 range

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5) Sonic Gear U150 | BT300 Powerful Soundbar

5-Sonic Gear U150 - BT300 Powerful Soundbar

You can either choose the plain one or go for a little funky soundbar that has light effects. There is a dial-tuning system that allows you to adjust the bass and volume as you need. The slim and compact design makes it suitable for setting the soundbar up almost anywhere in the house. You can either connect it with the USB port or use Bluetooth. If you want to enjoy a quality sound effect at a moderate price, this is the soundbar for you.

Price: S$50 range

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Soundbar Maintenance Guide

With regular and proper maintaining, a quality soundbar can provide long-lasting service. Since it’s an electrical appliance, you need to be a little more cautious with the cleaning process.

Whenever you clean the house, just take the duster and give it a go at the soundbar. It should keep the occasional dust collecting to a minimum. But doing that won’t cover everything. You need to be thorough with your cleaning once in a while.

First, make sure the soundbar is not connected to anything via cable or Bluetooth. Take a soft micro-fiber cloth and wipe over the outside properly. The fabric should be 100% cotton. You shouldn’t use any hard material, sponges or harsh cleaning products since it can damage your soundbar beyond repairing.

A proper wipe-over with the cloth should be enough to clean the soundbar but if you think it needs to be taken a step further, take a similar cloth and dip it into water. You can also use a mild cleaning solution but make sure the cloth is completely wrung, and no extra water is left. The fabric should be damp, not wet. If water gets into the soundbar, you can say goodbye to it.

Take the damp cloth and slowly scrub over the surface. You can be firm while washing but don’t put too much pressure. After you’re done scrubbing, wipe the soundbar softly with a dry cloth. Make sure it’s completely dried off before you connect it to other devices.

If your soundbar starts to act funny or if you feel like the music is off, get a professional to check it and see if it needs replacing.

Bottom Line

The list above was intended to highlight the features of these soundbars so you can gather the necessary information and ultimately decide on a purchase. We hope you found a product good enough for your house.


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