Smartwatch in Singapore

Top 5 Smartwatch in Singapore

We are adapting to the advancements of modern technology pretty fast. Many of our devices have the word “smart” ahead of its name, which indicates that it has been touched by modern technology. We have smartphones and smart TV. Now we also have smartwatches. It’s basically a watch that can do a lot of what your smartphone can do, you can also connect your smartphone with these watches and manage your phone from afar. Most people use these watches as a fitness tracker since they excel in that field.

So if you’re looking for a smartwatch to buy, take a look at the list below. There are 5 smartwatches we listed, all of them are from different price ranges and have different features.



1) Apple Watch Series 3 / 5 (GPS) Sport Band Smartwatch

1-Apple Watch Series 3 - 5 (GPS) Sport Band Smartwatch

One of the most popular tech companies in the world is offering unimaginable features with their smartwatch. It’s made from space grey aluminum with a black sport band which adds a distinct style in the outlook. Keep your phone connected with your Apple watch and send calls, texts anytime you need. You can also stream millions of songs from Apple Music right through your watch. The watch also has the Apple AI, Siri built-in whom you can instruct to complete tasks like set a reminder, set alarm, show map navigation, etc. It’s waterproof so you can take a swim while wearing this watch. It can track your daily routine and show you how many steps you walked, how many calories burned and monitor your heart rate.

Price: S$350 range

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2) Fitbit Versa Fitness Smartwatch

2-Fitbit Versa Fitness Smartwatch

This smartwatch can work as your personal trainer, showing you how to improve your lifestyle and stay in better shape. It can track how many steps you take in a day and send you a friendly reminder when the watch detects it’s not enough to reach your fitness goal. You can also listen to songs as you work out, keep it connected to your phone and receive important alerts and texts. It has a long-lasting battery that will keep working for 4 days straight. It feels quite on the wrist with its light aluminum body and bright screen. It also has a built-in NFS chip so you can connect your credit card with the watch and use it for contactless payment.

Price: S$300 range

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3) Samsung Galaxy Sports SmartWatch Band

3-Samsung Galaxy Sports SmartWatch Band

Stay ahead of your time with this stylish looking smartwatch from world-renowned brand Samsung. You can choose from 4 different color options that go with your style. The simplistic design makes it easier to operate the watch. Follow your workout routine as you need, the watch will be your guide to make sure you won’t stray from your path. It has a built-in heart monitor tracker that will send you alerts when your pulse gets dangerously high. You can follow breathing exercises or meditation programs on the watch to keep your heart rate back to normal. It has the innovative Wireless Power Share feature that can recharge the watch with a wireless charger and the watch can run for 45 hours with a single charge.

Price: S$250 range

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4) Xiaomi Huami AmazFit BIP S SmartWatch

4-Xiaomi Huami AmazFit BIP S SmartWatch

With a single charge, this watch can run for 45 days. It has a built-in GPS and a compass so you can have map navigation right from your wrist. It’s extremely light and the strap is very comfortable. The watch 4 sport modes where it monitors activities like running outdoor, treadmill, cycling and walking. It’s water-resistant so don’t worry about dropping it into the pool. You can connect it to your smartphone and keep track of all your incoming calls, texts, and alerts even when you’re away from your phone. You can also alarm to go off in the watch. It can be charged with a USB cable so you can reverse charge it from your phone, use a power bank, or even from your computer.

Price: S$100 range

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5) Savfy Smartwatch

5-Savfy Smartwatch

This smartwatch is cheap and simple but just as efficient. You can use it as a fitness tracker where it will keep track of all your activities, monitor your heart rate, check your sleeping time, etc. You can also keep it connected to your phone and get access to the contacts to send and receive calls texts. It can show you live weather forecast, keep track of how many calories you burned, how many miles you run, and so on.

Price: S$30 range

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Smartwatch Maintenance Guide

To keep your smartwatch in its optimum condition, you need to take proper care of it at all times. When you put on your watch, make sure it’s not too tight or too loose. Most of these smartwatches work as fitness trackers so they need to be able to feel your pulse perfectly.

Watch straps can be made from many materials. Make sure you choose one you’re not allergic to or are made from anything that can be harmful to the skin. Keep the strap dry at all times. It’s normal for your wrist to sweat after wearing a watch for a long time, make sure you clean it with a dry cloth and keep it out to air dry for a few minutes before storing it away.

As for the watch itself, many smartwatches are waterproof. That doesn’t mean you should be negligent when it comes to maintaining these watches. Try to avoid getting water into the smartphone. Even if you do need to wear it for a swim, make sure you take it off and immediately wipe it dry with a soft dry cloth after getting out of the water.

Don’t use any cleaning products or chemicals on the watch. Just make sure you wipe it all over with a dry cloth everyday. Keep your watch dry and cool at all times. In case of any malfunction, contact the service center and get it checked. It’s better not to meddle with these things on your own.

Bottom Line

We hope the list above helped you know more about these smartwatches. Now you can ultimately choose which one you think is most suitable for you. Maybe one of these watches will be seen on your wrist soon.


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