Sleeping Pillow in Singapore

Top 5 Sleeping Pillow in Singapore

Sleeping is essential for the human body to restore its energy. We get our normal 6-8 hours of sleep at night, but many people tend to get sleepy while traveling. Whether they’re on a flight, a bus or a train, the slight movement of the vehicle effectively rocks them to sleep. Sleeping on a seat can be quite uncomfortable for many, and you can often wake up with a crane in your neck. For a comfortable sleeping experience on your journeys, you can use a sleeping pillow. Since these pillows are mostly portable, you can use it in your home, office, travels, etc. With a pillow in position, your neck can have the perfect alignment needed for you to fall asleep easily.

There are tons of different sleeping pillows out there on the market. We handpicked 5 of them and put them in the list below. Take a look and pick the one you find the most appealing.



1) Cabeau Air Evolution Travel Sleeping Pillow

1-Cabeau Air Evolution Travel Sleeping Pillow

With the memory foam used in this pillow, you can find optimum comfort in no time. The 360-degree support allows you to sleep at any angle you wish without causing any discomfort in your neck. The cover can be removed and washed easily, just like a normal pillow. There is a carrying pouch included with the pillow. You can shrink the pillow into ¼ of its size and put it inside the pouch for convenient portability. Cabeau is offering its stylish pillows in tons of different designs and colors that you can pick out from. No matter which one you pick, the service is topnotch.

Price: S$70 range

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2) Modernheim Neck Pillow

2-Modernheim Neck Pillow

Working as more than a pillow, this massager can be used to relieve any neck pain that you might have in a few minutes. The pillow is soft to the touch. The design is ergonomic, so you can find your perfect position for taking a nap. There is an on/off button on the side along with two more buttons. Once you turn it on, the pillow can give the feeling of a real hand massage to provide maximum comfort. There is a 15-minutes timer button that you can set for the pillow to help you lull into sleep. The other button helps the pillow warm up a little for a better massage effect.

Price: S$50 range

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3) Ogawa Plush Touch Luxurious Travel Sleeping Pillow

3-Ogawa Plush Touch Luxurious Travel Sleeping Pillow

Available in two different colors- red and brown, the pillow has memory foam in its body so your neck can have its ergonomic angle needed for your uninterrupted sleep. The pillow is extremely soft and lightweight. The texture is velvety, which is safe for any skin type. Because of the quality memory foam inside the pillow, it can adapt to anyone’s neck. You can carry it on your trips easily or keep one in your office to take short naps on your breaks.

Price: S$30 range

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4) Romix U-Shape Sleeping Pillow

4-Romix U-Shape Sleeping Pillow

Instead of blowing air through the mouth, inflate this pillow in a much easier way. There is an inflating valve on the side. All you need to do is press it and keep slight pressure, the pillows will inflate on its own. Since the pillow is so easy to inflate and deflate, you can guess its portability. There is a small pouch included with the pillow so you can easily carry it around. The edges are sealed with refined adhesive to ensure zero chances of leakage. There is a double buckle on the front with adjustable elastic so you can find your optimum alignment. The pillow can be bought in three different colors- grey, mint and green. 

Price: S$20 range

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5) U Shaped Travel Sleeping Pillow

5-U Shaped Travel Sleeping Pillow

The magnetic fabric design of the pillow ensures that you can enjoy your nap while taking care of your cervical spine. The pillow has a removable cover that you can take off easily to clean. There is an adjustable clasp on the front. The pillow also has a couple of pockets on the side. You can put your phone and passport there.

Price: S$10 range

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Sleeping Pillow Maintenance Guide

Since a sleeping pillow stays in contact with your skin, you need to keep it cleaned for your own safety and comfort. The surface can get itchy, and germs can collect easily if you don’t clean it regularly.

Most of these pillows come with removable covers that can be put into the washing machine. Check the label of your pillow to see what the instructions say before you put it inside the machine. Use cold water to wash and avoid using harsh cleaning products. Put some mild soap or detergent into the machine. If the pillow or the cover can be put into the dryer, go ahead and dry it there.

But some pillows need to be washed by hand. In that case, you need to be gentle but firm while handling the pillow and the cover. Damp the pillow with some water first. Use a rag and some mild soap to scrub over the surface. Don’t use anything too harsh and avoid using anything that might have bleach since it can damage the surface. Wash the pillow with clean water after you’re done and wrung it properly to get rid of extra water. Put it out to air dry completely.

You don’t have to follow these cleaning methods after each trip. These are for a thorough cleaning. If you use the pillow often, you can give it a scrub before every use. Use a soft cloth and some warm water to make the surface of the pillow damp. Then take a little soap and use that cloth to scrub the entire surface. Apply some more soap if you see any stubborn stain and scrub properly. Use another damp but clean cloth to wipe over the soapy surface until the soap clears out. Let it dry off before using it.

Bottom Line

We tried to highlight the key features of the products so you can easily pick one. Hopefully, one of these pillows will make it under your neck in no time to help you enjoy some sweet naps.


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